Twitter explains why it won’t ban Alex Jones or Infowars

Friday, 10 Aug, 2018

On Tuesday night, the late night host destroyed the "extreme right-wing conspiracy theorist and bath salt spokesmodel", who recently had his content removed from huge platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify, Facebook, and even Pinterest. He supported Donald Trump for the Presidency and early in his campaign Trump appeared on his radio program.

"The war on your mind is in full swing as globalists remove outlets of liberty and truth, starting with the top of the speak: Alex Jones", a statement on his website read. The other companies, including Facebook and Apple, cited harassment and hate speech as among the reasons they had deleted years of content from Jones, who responded by telling The Washington Post that the First Amendment was in danger.

He has "built a vast audience" peddling theories that include claims that the 9/11 attacks were staged by the USA government and that the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012 was "faked by left-wing forces to promote gun control", the newspaper says. He also encouraged journalists to "refute" false information. The ban applied exclusively to Jones' personal account, not the one million-strong Infowars page, which Jones helms.

Jones has fallen foul of censors elsewhere for promoting hate speech and violence but Dorsey has adopted a different tack, vowing commitment to "a healthy conversational environment" stretched to include Jones.

Paul Joseph Watson, a British lackey for the conspiracy theory brand, just tweeted about Facebook's "ban" on InfoWars, which until this point was understood to be a suspension. Watson labelled the InfoWars ban as an attempt by these companies to prevent InfoWars influencing in the upcoming 2018 United States mid term elections calling it an attempt a vote rigging.

In a thread of five tweets, Dorsey said Jones did not break Twitter rules and so the company decided against blocking him after Apple, Facebook, and YouTube all shut down the Infowars presenter on Monday.

Twitter said through a spokesperson that InfoWars was not now in violation of Twitter rules.

After Jones sought to skip the suspension by broadcasting live on other YouTube channels, the online video platform said it closed down all of his affiliated channels, which counted some 2.4 million subscribers.

InfoWars has the following to survive and the resources to fight this concerted deplatforming effort.

Jones has described Monday's retaliation from an array of Internet giants as a "coordinated communist-style crackdown", but it followed months of criticism demanding the social media services do more to combat disinformation and hate discourse.