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Sunday, 12 Aug, 2018

"No surprise, Pence is a huge fan of space".

"The time has come to establish the Unites States Space Force".

But the monumental task of standing up a new military department, which would require approval by a Congress that shelved the idea previous year, may require significant new spending and a reorganisation of the largest bureaucracy in the world.

On Thursday, though, Mattis endorsed the space management changes that would utilize members of existing military branches.

Trump, who has long sought to create a space force, celebrated the news by tweeting "Space Force all the way!"

But the intent is not to militarize space; rather it is to avert a potentially disastrous conflict, said Todd Harrison, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. We'll call it the Space Force.

Joan Johnson-Freese, a space security expert at the Naval War College, told Brumfiel that she doesn't think a Space Force is now necessary.

"Longtime viewers of the Trump administration will remember that Space Force is the president's boldest idea that he got from a Buzz Lightyear Happy Meal toy", Colbert joked.

Mr Pence said the "United States Space Force" will be operated by the military and operational by 2020.

President Donald Trump's campaign wants to start selling a new Space Force themed line of merchandise, and they are soliciting votes on which design to use.

This might require legislative support because Congress sets a limit on the number of assistant secretaries of defense. The command has about 38,000 personnel and operates 185 military satellite systems, including the Global Positioning System and communications and weather satellites.

Any plan by the White House to create a new military service would need congressional action.

The report says the new command will "improve and evolve space warfighting", focusing on doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures.

· The formation of an elite group of war fighters called the Space Operations Force.

Critics, however, have hit back at the announcement saying it's expensive and unnecessary. And now the launch the first of the new satellites - originally planned for April 2014 - has slipped once again, according to the Air Force.

"Recently our adversaries have been working to bring new weapons of war into space itself", Pence said. Instead, many have argued that the effort is best left under the Air Force's purview, as it is now. Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force's top officer, and Gen. Stephen Wilson, the vice chief, sat quietly in the Pentagon auditorium as Pence spoke.

The Space Force would be the first new branch since 1947, when the Air Force was established as its own branch.

As part of the recommendation, a Space Development Agency would be created to create technologies for the new division. "President Trump", he said. Starting then, the administration hopes to spend $8 billion over the ensuing five years. He said Beijing and Moscow have been developing missiles, lasers and other technologies with the aim of targeting United States satellites. This division will come under the ambit of the Space Force. "We have a Navy to protect shipping lanes", she said. "And is that thrashing going to slow your momentum or is it going to help you achieve your goals and address the real challenges that we have on our plate?" she said at Brookings Institution last week.

"The only thing we can't afford is inaction", he said.