Trump To Soldiers: It's A New Day For The US Military

Wednesday, 15 Aug, 2018

Mitchell delivered the strong remarks in her newscast the following day, blasting Trump's act of "all but jumping through hoops to avoid even mentioning John McCain by name, shunning the armed services chairman", something she said was simply "extraordinary".

The statement was in response to the latest US National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA), detailing US$716 billion in defence spending and stating that the "long-term strategic competition with China" is "a principal priority for the US".

United States President Donald Trump has spelt the death knell for ZTE and Huawei with US Federal Departments banned from using or buying the Chinese makers products.

The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019, which contains the ban that goes into effect across the next two years, covers anything that is a "substantial or essential component of any system". The current limited ban on ZTE and Huawei for government and contractor purposes is a sort of compromise.

So while ZTE will no longer be allowed to sell gear to the USA government, ZTE officials are likely breathing a sigh of relief, since the Senate bill could have put ZTE out of business altogether.

For those following this particular string of escalating sanctions from the U.S. Government against these companies over the past couple months, you'd know this has been a long time coming, despite these firms' efforts to prevent the ban from happening. He also objected to the ban on military cooperation with Russian Federation.

The annual measure sets policies and a budget outline for the Pentagon and will be followed by a later appropriations bill.

Trump has openly mocked and criticized McCain in a feud that began in 2015 when the president said McCain was not a war hero.

On Monday, McCain expressed pride in the bill signing in a statement he issued afterward.

"I am particularly proud that the NDAA once again strengthens and enhances Arizona's outsized role in securing and defending the nation".

McCain has been a regular target of presidential ridicule from Trump, who has mocked the senator's thumbs down vote against the Senate GOP bill to roll back parts of the 2010 health care law. Now he called me and he said "I'll never run for president against you", but maybe he wants to.