Sen. John McCain's eponymous defense authorization bill, President Trump slams Sen. McCain

Friday, 17 Aug, 2018

President Donald Trump on Monday delivered a speech at Fort Drum in NY in which he teased soldiers over a pay increase they'll receive via a $716 billion defense spending bill.

ZTE, the fourth-largest smartphone maker in the United States, had been dealing with a Commerce Department denial order that prevented American businesses from selling hardware or services to the company.

"We are the most powerful".

The signing statement argues that provisions limiting USA support for the Saudi military campaign in Yemen, the transfers of Guantanamo Bay detainees and the number of troops in South Korea, and a provision mandating the president report on North Korea's nuclear activities, among others, would limit Trump's presidential powers.

Trump was greeted when he arrived at Fort Drum by Vice President Mike Pence, who arrived at the Army post about 30 minutes before the president.

Even though Trump said the bill "is the most significant investment in our military and our war-fighters in modern history", Obama's first three defence budgets were larger, when adjusted for inflation, according to Todd Harrison at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. "They want to jam transmissions that threaten our battlefield operations, and so many other things".

But, as The Intercept's Alex Emmons has noted, the $82 billion military spending increase alone authorized by the 2019 NDAA could easily pay for Sen.

Trump, who did not serve in the military himself, has previously attacked McCain's record of service, saying the Vietnam veteran and former prisoner of war is "not a war hero" because he was captured.

"His idea of support for the military is to spend a bunch of their money throwing parades in his own honor, which is something a dictator does, not something a president does", Glidden said.

McCain is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, but has often been missing from Congress over the past year or so after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

The measure authorizes $500 million for the co-development and co-production of missile defense systems with Israel.

The pay increase is effective October 1. It also funds F-35 spares, modifications and depot fix capability.

The bill provides about US$616.9 billion for the base Pentagon budget, US$21.9 billion for nuclear weapons and US$69 billion in war funding.

Apart from Turkey, the U.S., U.K., Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Norway and Denmark are also present as participant members of the F-35 fighter jet program.