Full List Of Phones Getting The Latest Android 9 Pie Update

Saturday, 18 Aug, 2018

This does explain a lot as to why my Pixel XL hasn't been quick charging to its full extent. So, if you have any of the above mentioned smartphones then you will surely receive Android Pie update on that. Google has acknowledged the issue and has said that it will soon issue a software patch that will fix the problem.

Many users started noticing the issue because the same message does not pop up anymore.

Since you have probably upgraded your phone from Android 8.0 Oreo to Android 9.0 Pie to get to the latest version, you should have the App Actions feature enabled by default.

The second largest smartphone brand in terms of units shipped, Huawei has released several high-end specification smartphones which are eligible for Android 9 Pie update.

A thread on the XDA forums dating all the way back to June and an Android bug report from July show that the issue existed in the Android P betas but was never fixed.

Recent Android operating systems tell the user just how quickly their device is charging, ranging from "Charging slowly", to "Charging" and preferably "Charging rapidly". Pixel 3 XL can have a big notch located at the top section.

Today, that "upcoming version of Android" is known as Android 9 Pie and it's set for a release later in the year even though it's already available to a handful of devices including HMD Global's own Nokia 7 Plus which is running the final developer preview of Android Pie.

To fix this, go to Settings, navigate to Apps and Notifications settings, tap Notifications, find Google Play Services and disable the notifications from the service. Scroll down and tap "About Phone". Unless, that is, you're willing - or able - to root your handset.

The situation has come as a surprise to many developers and users.

Open the Suggestions tab from the list. To disable it, tap the toggle option so that it becomes gray.

For instance, if you even select the name of a restaurant around your place, the smart selection tool will automatically suggest you with the action to book a table. Currently, due to the lack of a solution to solve the problem, Google has postponed the issue "for consideration" for a future Android update. The company acknowledges the slowdown of the unlocking process was a side-effect of the previous fix that has been a part of the Pixel 2 XL since the June Android update. According to impacted device owners, their Pixel XL smartphones no longer fast charge after installing the latest Android update, forcing them to charge at normal or slow speeds.