Malcolm Turnbull out, Scott Morrison in as Australian PM

Monday, 27 Aug, 2018

Malcolm Turnbull, center, speaks during a press conference with Scott Morrison, left, and Minister for Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg at the Parliament House in Canberra on August 20, 2018.

So wealthy that he preferred his own home to the prime minister's official residence on the other side of Sydney Harbor, the former Goldman Sachs partner legalized same-sex marriage past year over the objections of many of his conservative colleagues.

Having survived a vote on Tuesday, Mr. Turnbull stepped aside from the race on Friday, which also dealt a blow to Mr. Dutton's leadership ambitions.

At least 10 ministers have offered their resignations as a leadership crisis in Australian politics deepened on Wednesday with another challenge against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appearing inevitable.

Adding pressure on rebel lawmakers, Turnbull said he would resign from parliament if he lost the leadership, threatening the government's one-seat majority.

The Greens leader, Richard Di Natale, warned that Australia's political system was broken and said bold reforms to lobbying rules and political donations were needed to combat the corruption of politics by vested interests.

The US President - who congratulated Morrison on his elevation in a tweet on Saturday and said there are "no greater friends than the United States and Australia" has not visited the country since his election in 2016.

The Liberal Party is the largest group in the coalition of conservatives in Australia.

Morrison said he would review drought response plans with officials.

"I've had a lot of very angry constituents who believe that they had a right to decide who was the prime minister", he told the ABC.

He thanked the Australian people for his three-year term as leader, listing his achievements over the period.

'I am being pressured - beyond any comprehension - I am being pressured to put my name on that list so it can bring the party room to a meeting, ' he said. "It was extraordinary. It was described as madness by many and I think it's hard to describe it in any other way".

"I can not underline too much how important it is that anyone who seeks to be prime minister of Australia is eligible to be a member of parliament - because a minister, let alone a prime minister, who is not eligible to sit in the House is not capable of validly being a minister or exercising any of the powers of a minister".

Morrison faced off against Peter Dutton for the leadership, who also holds strong views on LGBT+ people.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addresses the media on leadership.

I don't think any Australian Prime Minister has used the word "love" more frequently in his public remarks.

And if you're wondering how the hell we got here, and where we're going next, you're not alone.

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It took 18 years and multiple rounds of IVF before the first of two children was born, and Morrison dedicated his maiden parliamentary speech to his daughter Abbey Rose.

Mr Morrison spent nine months in the role of Social Services minister before being appointed treasurer in September 2015.

But he says first Liberal MPs need to see the advice from the solicitor-general on the eligibility of Peter Dutton to sit in the parliament, in the wake of reports he could be in breach of the constitution.