Sessions Hits Back At Trump On ‘Control’ Of Department Of Justice

Tuesday, 28 Aug, 2018

The latest public broadsides by President Donald Trump at his Attorney General sparked divisions among Republicans in the Senate on Thursday, as one openly predicted Jeff Sessions could be gone from his job in coming months, while others warned the President against taking any step to replace their former Senate colleague.

"I think those of us who've worked with Jeff Sessions for the last 15 years or more know him to be an honorable man, somebody who's dedicated not only to rule of law, but also to the Department of Justice", Cornyn said Thursday. "Come on Jeff, you can do it, the country is waiting!" the President tweeted early this morning.

Anthony Scaramucci predicted Saturday that President Donald Trump "would have a nightmare on his hands" if he fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Donald Trump has hit back at his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, after Sessions issued an unusual public rebuke to the U.S. president.

In an interview with Fox and Friends that aired Thursday, Trump accused Sessions of failing to take control of the Justice Department. Sessions faced pressure to step away from the probe after questions arose about his role in the Trump campaign. It implicitly sets up the narrative that if Trump fires Sessions, he will be obstructing justice - Sessions is saying that he stands between the president and Robert Mueller's investigation.

In his Tweets, the president chided the attorney general to focus more on investigating what he called "the other side" - such as people Trump considers rivals or threats, like 2016 presidential opponent Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director who is probing Russian interference in the election. He took the job and then he said I'm going to recuse myself.

But Trump was angered when Sessions stepped aside from overseeing the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, and the president has taken issue with his own Justice Department.

"We have had unprecedented success at effectuating the President's agenda", Mr Sessions said.

Sessions has also translated into policy Trump's attacks on Latino gangs and drug dealers, with both talking about meting out capital punishment to traffickers.

Trump listed people and political enemies who he believes deserve the attention of the Justice Department, including the targets of conservative conspiracy theories that claim the Russian Federation investigation was motivated by politics. Scaramucci said, "I think what happens if you get on the wrong side of the president he'll light you up on Twitter, light you up to his friends".

While Graham is backing off his "holy hell" threat, others in the party are still defending Sessions.

Trump's latest criticisms of law enforcement came as he appeared increasingly vulnerable to long-running investigations after this week's one-two punch of Cohen's plea deal and the conviction of Trump's former campaign chair Paul Manafort. He added, however, that his comments had nothing to do with Sessions.

During a campaign rally, Trump said of Sessions, "He's so spot-on, he's so highly respected".

And Sessions has never asserted himself at the Justice Department, as Trump told Fox News in an interview broadcast on Thursday.

"Look - this investigation has been going on nearly two years, cost the American taxpayer over $25 million bucks", Bossie added.