Buhari’s speech as Nigeria, Britain sign agreements on security, economic development

Wednesday, 29 Aug, 2018

The British prime minister's agreement with Muhammadu Buhari was announced at a summit between the pair in Abuja and billed by the United Kingdom as an example of May's ambition to promote a greater British presence in Africa and support states under pressure from terrorist threats.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May is greeted by schoolchildren waving British and South African flags, during a visit to the ID Mkhize Secondary School in Gugulethu, Cape Town, on 28 August, 2018. She visited South Africa on Tuesday and is expected to head to Kenya from Nigeria.

Chief Edwin Clark, Former Federal Commissioner for Information and South South Leader, has lambasted America's president Donald Trump for describing President Muhammadu Buhari who was his visitor at the White House in April as lifeless. "Nigerians deserve some peace".

She also pledged a "fundamental shift" in aid spending to focus on long-term economic and security challenges rather than short-term poverty reduction.

Britain also is opening new embassies in Niger and Chad and expanding its embassy in Mali, calling it support to countries "on the front line of instability" as West Africa's vast, arid Sahel is threatened by a number of extremist groups with shifting allegiances.

Nigeria and Britain on Wednesday in Abuja signed two agreements on Defence and Security partnership as well as Economic Development Forum.

May, who acquired the nickname "Maybot" during the 2017 General Election for her mechanical demeanor, has played up to her moniker with this foray into South African dance.

He noted that the success of the anti-corruption fight was very important to Nigerians.

A group supporting Nigeria's 75-year-old President Muhammadu Buhari has rubbished a claim by his United States counterpart Donald Trump who reportedly described him as "lifeless".

Mrs May, whose stiff style has seen her labelled the "May-bit", was ridiculed for her robotic style of dancing, with One Twitter user saying: "I think someone forgot to oil her?".

The UK and the European Union may not meet their self-imposed October deadline for a divorce deal, Britain's Brexit minister has said.

May is facing pressure at home from so-called Remainers sceptical of her ability to forge trade deals once Britain severs ties with Brussels, as well as from Brexiteers fearful she will not deliver a clean break.

The PM is in South Africa as part of a three-day trade mission to South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

I am pleased that I am going to visit Lagos as well because as far as our partnership is working, we are doing well in Nigeria.

There was no joint press briefing as is always the case when Presidents of foreign countries come on official visit.