Apple Watch Series 4 Leaks Ahead of Launch

Friday, 31 Aug, 2018

Apple recently announced that it would have a special event on 12 September to announce some new stuff.

Apple is expected to unveil a new Apple Watch, along with three new models of its flagship smartphone, at its event on September 12.

All the three iPhone X 2018 models are expected to run Apple's upcoming A12 chipset. In the coming days, you can expect more leaks about these new products. That's an unusual move for the company, which has typically used unique monikers for its handsets. Both of Apple's 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro devices are also simply called "iPad Pro".

Apple is also working on two new iPad Pro models with slimmer bezels and facial recognition along with a new low-priced MacBook laptop and a Mac mini desktop geared toward professionals, Bloomberg News has reported. The high-end model dubbed as "iPhone X Plus" is said to feature a 6.5-inch OLED display. It's expected to have an identical stainless steel frame, while the cheaper iPhone for 2018 may have a aluminum frame, like the current iPhone 8, and it may come it as many as five colors.

A few hours after Apple's announcement, 9to5Mac, a technology news website, posted photographs of two gold iPhone models stacked on top each other, with a larger-screened model on the bottom. The single image also shows off a new watchface with eight different complications, and all sorts of information on the display.

Still, why would Apple make the home button the focus of the invite, if it's going away?

If previous years are any indication, Apple's new iPhones could go on sale the following week, perhaps on September 21.

The Digital Crown for the cellular model looks like it will ditch its red center, and instead have a small red circle on it.

The iPhone accounts for about two-thirds of the company's revenue, and serves as a hub for Apple Watches, AirPods, and services like the App Store and Apple Music, which generate most of Apple's other sales.