Defiant Jose Mourinho defends record after Man United slump

Saturday, 01 Sep, 2018

Manchester United's manager made the claim when asked what it meant to him to be in charge of one of the world's greatest clubs.

When pressed on whether he would still be one of the great managers if he failed to win the league title with United, the 55-year-old was stern in his response.

Mourinho was asked about these reports during the pre-match press conference ahead of United's Premier League encounter against Burnley. "Did you read any philosopher?"

Pep Guardiola says he just concentrates on preparing his own team, rather than worrying about what the opposition are planning. "It's always in the whole that you find the truth".

"Do you ask that question to the manager that finished third in the Premier League or fourth?"

"Last season he did it against us away and at home, like Chelsea last week", he added.

"I repeat that two seasons ago we had a fantastic season by winning the Europa League". When we win, we are good. "But I think you've got to have a bit more respect for when they (people like Mourinho) have done the things they have done in the game". That's why on one side it happens because you have something special to win titles but the other side managers are so good it is not necessary to win because good clubs, good players sustain you.

A further report disclosed Vice Chairman, Ed Woodward is ready to stick with Jose Mourinho but the Portugal worldwide has to pull a win over Burnley. "I will tell you then".

United tried to get themselves back in the game but any hope of a late comeback was extinguished when Smalling shocking defending allowed Moura to race through on goal and fire past David De Gea to seal a 3-0 win for Tottenham.

And when it was confirmed to him that Jurgen Klopp had been asked about his own failure to win the league, Mourinho said: "Because he never won anything in worldwide for example..." He pointed to how no manager in the world can match his historical record, and even had a few drive-by swipes at Spurs and managers who have won titles in "small countries". I judge on the CV, the history, the way Jose did it in all the places he was - it's hat's off to him.

"There is no doubt about his quality - I have never doubt that in the past, I won't now".

The two-time World Cup-winning striker also warned Juventus, who will face United in the Champions League group stage, that signing Cristiano Ronaldo will not guarantee them success in Europe.