IMF supports South African land reform provided it's 'rules based' - Economy

Sunday, 02 Sep, 2018

South African poultry farmers say because USA aluminium tariffs apply to South Africa - even though aluminium should be exempt under the AGOA agreement - the 2015 chicken deal is void and it's time to slap tariffs on US poultry again.

We are encouraged by the fact that the United Kingdom is one of the largest foreign investors in the South African economy with more than 650 British firms present in the market.

Former U.S. diplomats and South African leaders denounced Trump's declaration in a tweet late Wednesday that he had instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to monitor the "large scale killing" of white farmers and the government's expropriations of their land. The BBC reports, "The country's white minority is believed to have a disproportionate hold over land, with a few thousand white commercial farmers possessing the most fertile lands".

"It seems that UK Prime Minister Theresa May could not convince the market otherwise with her endorsement of President [Cyril] Ramaphosa's stance on legal and transparent land reform falling on deaf ears".

"It's good to know that the Mendi Bell is back in South Africa where it will be able to provide a focal point of Remembrance for the people of South Africa and in particular the families of those who died". The measure helped other South African industries which benefited from mutual trade.

"We are looking forward to welcoming British investors to this conference, both those who have always been invested in South Africa looking to expand their operations and those who would be investing here for the first time", he said. But analysts and South African officials worry the country's Agoa benefits may be in danger, again.

There is a vibrant and healthy debate underway within society on the circumstances under which land reform should take place.

AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) grants qualifying countries duty-free access to USA markets for thousands of goods and South Africa is among the main beneficiaries.

The EFF want land to be nationalised; owned by the state, and redistributed to deserving citizens.

According to Graham Scott, co-author of a book We Die Like Brothers, which shares the story of the tragedy, the Darro, which was travelling at full speed without observing the adverse weather condition, crashed into the side of the Mendi, "causing a deep hole in one of its forward holes where numerous SANLC men were sleeping".

Minister for International Relations and Cooperation Lindiwe Sisulu slammed Trump's tweet.

Titled "Despite Crime Epidemic, Farm Murders Down", the cable details statistics on murder rates on white-owned South African farms, stating, "Some journalists and lobby groups have simplified complex land disputes to serve their own ends".