Dutch police still questioning Amsterdam stabbing suspect

Вторник, 04 Сен, 2018

No group has claimed involvement in the attack.

Earlier on Saturday, the United States ambassador to the Netherlands confirmed that the two people injured on Friday were Americans visiting the Netherlands.

Police quickly responded and shot the suspect in the lower body.

Neither the victims nor the suspect had life threatening injuries after treatment in the hospital.

U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra issued a statement saying that embassy officials have been in touch with the victims and their families.

Jawed S., an Afghan citizen, had been seeking asylum in Germany, which he applied for in 2015, German Federal Police officials told ABC News. The man had a German residency permit.

But, after researching the background of "Jawed S." officials determined that he had terroristic motives.

Investigators interrogated the suspect on Sunday.

"Following an initial statement it has emerged the man had a terrorist motive", authorities said, according to the BBC.

German police on Saturday raided the suspect's home, which Dutch newspapers said was located in the western Rhineland-Palatinate state. After all, you are at Amsterdam Central Station.

Following a behind-closed-doors hearing, the judge extended the suspect's custody because of fears he may flee, repeat the crime, or violate the law, an Amsterdam court said on September 3. He is not expected to enter a plea, they said.

Panic broke out at the Dutch capital's main station shortly after midday Friday when the knive-wielding man stabbed two bystanders before he was shot and wounded by police.

A passerby's dramatic photo showed two officers pointing guns at a man in jeans and sneakers sprawled on the ground inside a train station.

An estimated 250,000 people use the Central Station each day.

His two victims appear to have been chosen at random, police said.

Police declined to speculate on the reasons for Friday's incident, but the Afghan Taliban in a statement Thursday called for attacks on Dutch troops following plans by Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders to stage a Prophet Mohammed cartoon competition in the Dutch parliament.