Dead in Mass Shooting at Fifth Third Bank Building in Downtown Cincinnati

Saturday, 08 Sep, 2018

It's not clear what the shooter's motives were.

Police say they're trying to learn why a gunman carrying a large amount of ammunition began shooting in a downtown Cincinnati high-rise building, killing three people and wounding two others before four officers all opened fire on him.

A visitor from Germany sat at a table on Fountain Square, enjoying a sunny morning when he heard some teens shouting about a shooting.

Streets around the building at the city's Fountain Square were closed as were sidewalks.

He said the gunman then entered the bank's lobby where he exchanged gunfire with police. It's unclear whether the gunman shot himself or was shot by officers.

The office tower where the shooting occurred remained on lockdown more than an hour after the incident, as police swept the building. They didn't immediately explain the search.

It is "still very much an active investigation", he said.

The FBI office in Cincinnati said it had agents on the scene to assist.

"All he had to do was look over at the counter at us and we would have been shot", she added. "After that, I started running", Richardson said.

Journalist Nick Swartsell wrote, "Witness Leonard Cain: two shot, including a woman who was heading into the bank and a man, Cain's boss, who works for Gilbane Construction". The mayor said his dad used to work in the building. She got back in the elevator and rode up to her floor, where Hanson said she was in complete shock and unable to form complete sentences. "We didn't know where to go because we didn't have a backdoor", she told reporters. Then, it "sounded as if they were getting closer and closer".

He had fired 35 rounds inside the lobby as receptionists and other workers starting their day dove for cover, Isaac said. One person was also found dead on the scene.

In 2017, he filed a lawsuit against CNBC Universal Media, LLC and TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation, alleging that the two companies infiltrated his personal electronic devices, uncovered his identity and published private details about his life.

He lived about 15 miles west of Cincinnati in the town of North Bend, Ohio, since at least 2015, Isaac said.

"This is abnormal. No other industrialized country has this level of active multiple shootings on a regular basis", Mayor John Cranley said in a news conference.

Fountain Square is host to concerts, food trucks and many retail shops.

"We prepare for situations like these and hope they never happen", said Amanda Nageleisen, UC Health spokeswoman. Without the police's rapid response, "it could have been much, much worse", he said.