Obama Calls Trump the Product of a Republican Party Gone Mad

Saturday, 08 Sep, 2018

He said, as much as politicians talk about each election being the most important of their lifetimes, "this moment really is different".

"I think he was trying to take credit for this incredible thing that is happening to our country", Trump scoffed.

"It did not start with Donald Trump", he said.

The president said of Obama's speech, "I'm sorry, I watched it, but I fell asleep".

"This is not called a recovery, this is called a rocket ship", Trump added.

"We got, if you remember, individual mandate wiped out, we wiped out individual mandate, the most unpopular part of Obamacare". How hard can it be to say that Nazis are bad?'

It has always been a tradition of ex-presidents, following the example of George Washington, to leave office for a quiet retirement in the background of public life.

Perhaps the most damning moment of the speech came when Obama criticised the way the current President reacted to the Charlottesville riots that took place in 2017.

Breitbart.com contributor Joel B. Pollak not only attacked Obama in a September 7 critique of the speech, but also, the University of IL itself.

Obama's speech in the university's 1,300-person auditorium has seen great interest from the school's student body, according to university spokesman Jon Davis, who said they had received about 22,000 requests for tickets, noted CNN. "It did not start with Donald Trump", he said.

"We are supposed to stand up to bullies, not follow them", Obama said.

"We're supposed to stand up to discrimination, and we're sure as heck supposed to stand up clearly and unequivocally to Nazi sympathizers", Obama said.

I would not be surprised if Obama - as long as he is in IL - does some campaigning with Democratic governor nominee J.B. Pritzker.

The former president's remarks in IL came ahead of a series of campaign stops to help fellow Democrats running in the November midterm elections. He will spend this Saturday in California stumping for seven congressional candidates at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee event and will head to OH next week to campaign for gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray. "Doubling down on that strategy won't work in 2018 either", he said.

The former first lady will headline rallies in Las Vegas on September 23 and Miami on September 28.

Michelle Obama's book, "Becoming", goes on sale November 13 - exactly a week after election day.