Homeless Samaritan will get cash; couple under investigation

Monday, 10 Sep, 2018

Authorities have executed a search warrant at the home of a New Jersey couple who raised $400,000 online for a homeless good Samaritan who now claims they mismanaged the cash.

Several investigators searched the Burlington County home of Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico, who set up the fund to help Bobbitt after he spent his last US$20 to buy gas for McClure when her auto stalled on an I-95 overpass near Kensington a year ago. Authorities were reportedly seen removing bags of items from the residence.

The pair's home was raided Thursday by the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office on a warrant that included the seizure of their new BMW.

On Thursday morning, the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office and the Florence Township Police Department executed a search warrant at the couple's home.

The couple say they're wary of giving Bobbitt the rest of the funds until the veteran secured a job and was off of drugs.

McClure and D'Amico have claimed they've given Bobbitt half of the $400,000, while Bobbitt says he's only received $75,000.

Victims are more likely to get compensated if criminal charges are filed, said Stephen Stigall, a partner at the Philadelphia-based law firm Ballard Spahr LLP.

The couple is being sued by Johnny Bobbitt, who gave Katelyn McClure $20 for gas late one night in 2017 when she was stranded in Philadelphia. Bobbitt has questioned where they got the money for the new vehicle.

But reports stated that McClure used some of the money to buy a new BMW and go on an expensive trip to California, and D'Amico used some of the money on gambling-although D'Amico said he paid the money back to the account.

However, after an August 29 court proceeding, the couple reportedly failed to meet a 48-hour deadline a judge gave them to turn over any remaining funds to Bobbitt.

The New Jersey couple whose GoFundMe campaign for a hero hobo raised $400,000 kept him living like a hungry pauper on a trailer in their driveway while they splurged on vacations and a shoe collection to rival Imelda Marcos, his lawyer told The Post.

McClure and D'Amico were ordered by a judge to hand over all remaining funds to Bobbitt by Friday, but that didn't happen - and Bobbitt's lawyer says that's because the money is simply gone.

According to Philadelphia's WTXF-TV, Bobbitt is in a 30-day treatment program. Video from ABC6 showed D'Amico outside the house golfing and playing with a dog while the search was conducted. Rather than genuinely reaching out to outside resources over any concerns, McClure and D'Amico treated Bobbitt horribly and drained the money meant to assist him.

There are conflicting reports from the couple and Bobbitt about how the money was used and whether Bobbitt was a participant or a victim.

As the case drags on, GoFundMe is working with legal counsel and investigators to make sure Bobbitt gets what he's owed, Bobby Whithorne, a spokesman for the company said.

As far as the court cases go, there is now a criminal investigation on top of the civil case that Bobbitt's pro bono attorney has brought against the couple. Some of the money that GoFundMe donors gave him ended up in the pockets of drug dealers, Bobbitt told the Inquirer.

The company said it also gave $20,000 to an account set up by his attorney to help him during the investigation.