Apple says United States tariffs on China would hit 'wide range' of products

Tuesday, 11 Sep, 2018

Trump has set the stage for tariffs on another $200 billion in Chinese imports, which could happen any day.

Gao said the two sides were still in contact and communicating on a working level, and "exchanging opinions on issues of mutual concern to work towards resolving the China-US trade problems". Exports from the world's second biggest economy increased by 9.8 per cent while its imports rose by 20 per cent compared to the same month previous year, according to customs data.

Cell phones, the biggest US import from China, have so far been spared, but would be hit if Trump activates the new $267 billion tariff list.

Notably, the iPhone was not cited as part of Apple's potentially impacted devices, possibly because of an exemption the Trump administration promised to negotiate on behalf of Apple earlier this year.

"Because all tariffs ultimately show up as a tax on USA consumers, they will increase the cost of Apple products that our customers have come to rely on in their daily lives", Apple wrote in the letter to Trump administration.

For the Trump administration, Friday began with sunny signs for the labor market before Trump's hawkish trade-war rhetoric clouded the outlook.

The administration says eliminating the trade deficit will put the economy on a sustainable path of faster growth, an argument that has been dismissed by economists as flawed given constraints such as low productivity and slow population growth. The higher price of Chinese products will soon start to bite American customers; the higher cost of inputs from China is already hitting some small and medium industry sectors; and retaliatory tariffs on American agricultural exports to China are hitting American farmers. The combined amount would cover the value of all goods China ships to the United States.

"The move would sharply escalate a trade war with Beijing, launched over demands from the White House for major changes in economic, trade and technology policy by China".

If Trump follows through his threats, it would mean virtually all of China's exports to the US would be subject to higher duties. "U.S. businesses and citizens-not Chinese companies or the government-pay these tariffs on USA imports". US stocks erased gains after Trump's remarks.

But businesses warn there are other ways China can strike back, through regulations and other administrative means, or even through sales of its large holdings of US Treasury debt. "The Chinese, you know, may find themselves more isolated if they don't come into the global process", Kudlow said in an interview with CNBC. China is an attractive to tech manufacturing because its workforce is cheaper and the plants that produce individual components are in close proximity to one another.

Imports of goods and services increased 0.9 percent to a record $261.2 billion in July.

The U.S.'s ability to continue to dominate telecommunications technology, including the upcoming fifth-generation phone networks, will be hampered by the levy on imports from China.