Apple is Removing a Classic Feature from the New iPhone 2018 Lineup

Thursday, 13 Sep, 2018

It tells attendees to "gather round" and lists the date for the event - and that's about it.

Apple is also expected to unveil the Apple Watch Series 4 which is said to have longer battery life, improved health monitoring capabilities and a larger display thanks to a reduced bezel size.

Judging by Apples past actions, analysts expect the company will begin selling some of the new models by the end of September.

The bronze or gold colour of the shape on the invitation suggests Apple may announce a gold-coloured successor to the iPhone X. Now that the company's Apple Park is full in running process, the company will have a full live-streaming setup ready to go for any event.

Apple's much-awaited fall product event, where the company will unveil the latest versions of its iPhones, will take place on September 12.

Perhaps under a different suffix than "XS" will be the middle sized, but cheapest, new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone.

The three new iPhone models will all do away with the home button, mimicking the design of last year's $1,000 iPhone X model, according to a Bloomberg report on Monday. Apple will try to attract fans with the LCD iPhone model as it will be very competitively priced. 9to5Mac released a press-image that shows both new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones.

The midsize 6.1-inch iPhone is the lone outlier in this photo. The article also said Apple will offer new color options for the iPhone lineup. In this event, the company can launch three new iPhones. The new Apple Watch models will include larger screens that cover almost the entire front of the watch.

Instead, the launch will retain previous smartphone designs such as a glass back with stainless steel edges and dual back cameras, but it will add new internal features.

According to Apple site 9to5Mac, which obtained the leaked images, the name is final and Apple will likely make its brand new phone available to buy before the end of September. This is the first time the Apple Watch has seen some major changes in hardware, and it will be interesting to see what new features it will come with.