Carlos Ramos to umpire US-Croatia in Davis Cup

Thursday, 13 Sep, 2018

Williams, who called Ramos a "liar" and "thief" during the match she lost to Naomi Osaka, has alleged sexism played a role in the umpire docking her a game on Saturday.

Adams also clarified her comments during the trophy ceremony in which she appeared to imply Williams' loss wasn't the outcome they wanted.

At the 2016 French Open Venus Williams was also angered to receive a code violation for supposedly communicating with her coach.

"Ramos, effectively, had no choice but to dock her a point", Navratilova said.

The ugly incident reduced Osaka to tears, with NY fans launching into a continual chorus of boos after Williams demanded an apology from Ramos after he penalised her for being coached from the stands before branding him a "thief" for treating her differently to male players.

"Umpires don't have any independent means of representation and are employed by the governing bodies".

"The WTA believes that there should be no difference in the standards of tolerance provided to the emotions expressed by men versus women".

Portuguese official Carlos Ramos was accused of sexism in the aftermath of the match, which saw him involved in an escalating dispute with Serena Williams that ended with him slapping the player with a one game penalty as she lost in straight sets to Naomi Osaka in NY on Saturday evening.

A tag line goes on: "If the self-appointed censors of Mark Knight get their way on his Serena Williams cartoon, our new politically correct life will be very boring indeed".

A report by The Times of London published on Tuesday cited an anonymous official saying that tennis umpires are considering refusing to officiate matches involving Williams.

"This has been a bit of a watershed moment in the history of professional officiating", he told CNN. "I think he did".

"But in this particular case, Carlos Ramos was doing his job". Ings insisted that the "Umpires are just upset. The WTA supports coaching through its on-court coaching rule, but further review is needed".

However, these calculations don't take into account whether umpires are more likely to punish female players than men for a similar outburst during a match.

Williams' critics have argued that this was a case of a tennis player seeing herself as above the laws of the game, and a reminder of the excesses of the John McEnroe era that code violations were introduced to ameliorate.

Keothavong does not believe Williams was treated differently than a male player, but acknowledged the incident highlighted there is a "bigger issue".

"I am good, under the circumstances", Ramos was quoted as saying in Portugal's Tribuna Expresso.

"It's an unhappy situation but "à la carte" refereeing doesn't exist. Do not worry about me".

Ramos is now expected to umpire the Davis Cup semi-final between Croatia and the United States on Friday.