Ex-Cuomo Aide Drafted False Cynthia Nixon Anti-Semitism Mailer

Friday, 14 Sep, 2018

"I wanted to vote Nixon, but sadly, i don't believe she would know what the heck to do".

T.I. can't vote Cynthia for NY governor - he lives in Georgia, where ganja is still against the law - but she made the most of it. introducing herself and asking him to spread the stoner word. In the final debates, Maloney and Eve - who has struggled to break out of single digits - have attacked Teachout for only recently passing the NY bar and for not rejecting "corporate" money in her 2016 run.

Nixon has campaigned hard to the left, hoping to ride the crest of other upset victories by political first-timers in Democratic Party primaries in congressional seats in places like NY and Boston. But the span did not open as planned, as engineers said the old bridge could collapse and endanger the new one.

The shout-out even sparked a reaction from the former "Sex in the City" star.

A mailer from the state Democratic Party that suggested that Nixon is anti-Semitic also backfired for Cuomo. She said so in an August economic report and reiterated this claim during the gubernatorial debate, arguing labor unions need more independence from the political system and corporate pressure.

"Cynthia Nixon did not have the money, didn't have the organization and never really caught on". They are seeking the Democratic nomination to be New York's attorney general.

Not only does he need to win big, but his lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul, is facing a tight race. "The governor holds a lot more responsibility over the trains than he wants to admit", said Morgan Hargrove.

When confronted by a possibly horrified passerby, Nixon assured the witness that she knew what she was doing: "Yeah, sweet and salty, you're right."

Her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer, also endorsed Cuomo.

Nixon is hoping to repeat that success in what she describes as her insurgent campaign for governor. Leecia Eve, a former Cuomo aide, was in fourth.

Democrats across NY are choosing their candidates for governor, attorney general and the state Legislature in the nation's last primary election of 2018.

But the perception that James was too close to Cuomo created an opening for Teachout, who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2014 and for Congress in 2016.

"But no matter what happens, Donald Trump will have a headache", he said. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Maloney is the more moderate of the bunch, and a win could jeopardize Democratic control of his House seat in upstate NY, in a district where President Donald Trump carried by a slim 2-point margin in 2016.

The victor takes on Republican Keith Wofford in the general election.