Lindsay Lohan Melts Down After Allegedly Attempting to 'Kidnap' Muslim Children

Sunday, 30 Sep, 2018

The video begins with her telling viewers that she wants them to meet a Syrian family she is very anxious about.

She then appears to become involved in a physical altercation with the mother who hits her in the face.

Lindsay Lohan has been criticised online after posting a video showing her attempting to separate two children from their parents.

After following the family for a few meters, Lindsay tries to take a child's hand causing the woman to protest loudly. Do you want to watch movies? She can be heard in the video speaking in both Arabic and English. That's when the mom took action and punched Lindsay Lohan in the face. I'll take care. Let me take care of you you want to stay in a hotel tonight?

The video was livestreamed to millions of her Instagram followers, some of whom commented on the stream with confusion and criticism. "You should not have them on the floor", she tells the parents. I'm with you, I'm with you.

"You're taking these children, they want to go". If you see something like that, especially if you're safely on the other side of a screen, you should probably stand up and say something to stop it.

"Are you cold? You want to come with me?"

"Tell me your story so I can help you", she says. Back then, when she only owned two of her three Oscars, Streep gushed about Lohan, called her a "fantastic actress."

Lohan was eventually struck off camera by the woman and fell to the ground before bursting into tears.

The mother shakes her head in refusal at Lohan's demands and the family get up off the sidewalk and walk away.

"Thomas Lennon, the author of Herbie: "Fully Loaded, which starred the controversial actress, stated that "[he was] responsible for only the second weirdest piece Lindsay Lohan footage to date".

If you woke up this morning and thought, "Why is Lindsay Lohan trending on Twitter?" She speaks to them in what sounds like Arabic with an apparent Arabic accent.

When the dust settles, Lohan is crying and the family is gone and she says: "I'm like in shock right now, I'm just like so scared".