Federal Bureau of Investigation probe ordered, Donnelly announces vote against Kavanaugh — IN Focus

Monday, 01 Oct, 2018

Circling names on his blowup of the calendar, Whitehouse continued, "Well, we know Brett Kavanaugh was there because it's his schedule, and here's Judge, and here's P.J. Here are all those three named boys and others at a house together, just as she said". "It is illegal to obstruct Committee investigations", Grassley said in the letter.

After the judge spoke at the committee hearing, similarly taking the fight to his Democratic critics, the president reaffirmed his support in a tweet: "Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him. But it has to be more than five".

In an interview with 60 Minutes set to air Sunday night, Sen. "Hello! For them, it will never be enough - stay tuned and watch!" he wrote. In a split vote, it downgraded the rating of the nominee to simply "qualified" - meaning he met the ABA's standards to become a judge but was not necessarily an outstanding candidate.

The FBI referred all questions about the investigation to the White House.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said the investigation will be "limited in scope" and "will not be a fishing expedition".

On Friday, Sen. Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, called for a a one-week delay on a floor vote to confirm Kavanaugh to allow for an FBI investigation, "limited in time and scope, to the current allegations that are there" against Kavanaugh.

"The Senate is dictating the terms". A name that might surface is Elizabeth Rasor, who might be interviewed herself.

"His face was white and very uncomfortable saying "hello" back", she said. An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment Sunday.

Pointing to the Democrats, he angrily alleged, "Some of you were lying in wait", ready to reveal Ford's secret allegation just as the committee and the Senate were about to confirm him to a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh has denied Ramirez's claim that he exposed himself to her at a party in the early 1980s.

The woman, Deborah Ramirez, has agreed to cooperate with the FBI investigation, according to a statement issued by her attorney, John Clune.

Swetnick's accusations, brought forward in a sworn statement by lawyer and potential 2020 presidential candidate Michael Avenatti, have been treated much more gingerly, including by Democrats, due to a lack of corroboration.

The FBI has started investigating Christine Blasey Ford's allegation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were high schoolers.

Trump told associates after the hearing that he liked Kavanaugh's fighting attitude and was critical of Democrats who he sees as politicizing the process, said a person familiar with his thinking who was not authorized to disclose private conversations.

He has denied her allegation and accusations of sexual misconduct made by two other women.

The FBI conducts background checks for federal nominees but does not make judgments on the credibility or significance of allegations.

"I think we're all pretty confident, given that we've been through this process a number of times, but we would assess that at that point", Sanders said.

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Arizona., speaks before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about an investigation, September 28, 2018 on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Mitchell reportedly said Ford's allegation would not hold up in a courtroom. In 1982, she angered the city's large gay community by vetoing a domestic partnership ordinance, calling it vague and unclear.

Dawsey added: "So, I think the concern among many folks in the White House is that the longer this goes, the worse it gets for Brett Kavanaugh".

Flake had lobbied Republican leaders to give Ford the chance to speak.

"This country is being ripped apart here", Flake said.

"I don't know if there was any one thing, but I was just unsettled", he told the outlet.

Two days after the hearing, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to recommend Kavanaugh's nomination along party lines. Republicans say it was justifiable outrage, because Kavanaugh's reputation has been forever marred and he maintains he has been wrongly accused.

Flake said their "poignant" accounts came after he and other lawmakers saw an emotional and widespread response to Ford's testimony Thursday. Kavanaugh has angrily denied the allegation.