'Scary time for young men' in US

Thursday, 04 Oct, 2018

'Guilty until proven innocent, that's very unsafe for our country, ' Trump said of Ford's testimony last week that Kavanaugh attempted to hold her down and remove her clothes in 1982, when they were both in high school.

US President Donald Trump mocked the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, one of the women who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

She declined to say exactly when it ended or what Judge was asked. "We are not moving the goalposts back", Schumer said.

The White House aides and allies said Tuesday that they remained optimistic Kavanaugh would be confirmed but frustrated with the delay on a vote.

Flake and two other key Republicans - moderate Sens.

In that instance, Vice-President Mike Pence has the casting vote, and would vote in Mr Kavanaugh's favour.

"Although we do not know the status of the investigation, we are not aware of the FBI affirmatively reaching out to any of those witnesses", Clune said. Trump, who had previously rebuffed Democratic demands for such an investigation, granted the request.

The White House - through press secretary Sarah Sanders and others - has dismissed all the allegations against him as old news that had been litigated during the campaign. And I think the country needs to be behind it and we need a more bipartisan process. Julie Swetnick made that assertion in a sworn statement and is represented by Michael Avenatti, who also represents adult film actress Stormy Daniels in her claim that Trump paid her for silence about an alleged 2006 affair. Kavanaugh denies that as well.

"What's happening here has much more to do than even the appointment of a Supreme Court justice".

In particular, Democrats have homed in on his contention that the allegations against him are an "orchestrated political hit" funded by left-wing groups seeking "revenge on behalf of the Clintons". He lashed out at senators who asked if he had ever blacked out. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., "Have you?"

Schumer said Kavanaugh seemed willing to "mislead senators about everything from the momentous to the mundane" to ensure his confirmation.

During the hearing, Kavanaugh acknowledged sometimes drinking too many beers in high school but said he did not have a problem with alcohol and never forgot his behavior - characterizations that have been questioned in news reports by some former classmates.

Some Republicans and White House allies have suggested the allegations against Kavanaugh can be potent political fodder in the run-up to November 6, animating GOP voters who have so far lacked the same motivation to head to the polls as their Democratic counterparts.

Trump said a vote for Espy, one of Hyde-Smith's opponents, would further the Democrat's "far-left" legislation.

If Democrats win the Senate, Kavanaugh would be a non-starter. Jeff Flake's call for an FBI investigation after hearing testimony from Ford and Kavanaugh.

But just a few hours later, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Alaska Natives haveflooded the senator's office with calls and letters about their fears about Kavanaugh's past rulings on the environment, climate change and voting rights, as well as a case the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear this year about whether the state or federal government gets to set rules for subsistence fishing by indigenous people. Now they are criticizing him for getting mad. The New York lawmaker said the claims of Kavanaugh's accusers deserve a full investigation but stressed that the FBI review should be finished this week. Ludington said Kavanaugh cursed at the man, and that Kavanaugh's friend, basketball player Chris Dudley, threw a glass in the face of the guy they thought was Campbell. Ford is one of three women who has accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. Senate Republicans have privately expressed similar sentiments.

The White House announced Friday afternoon that President Donald Trump had ordered the FBI to open a supplemental background investigation into Kavanaugh.

Still, Trump slammed Senate Democrats during a campaign rally in Tennessee Monday night.

The comments by Trump, who has privately boasted about getting away with sexual assault, electrified not just his supporters in the hall - who chanted "We want Kavanaugh!".