Trump Insults ABC Reporter, Saying She ‘Never’ Thinks

Friday, 05 Oct, 2018

President Donald Trump on Monday mocked a reporter and said she "never" thinks when she was called on during a press conference.

Mr Trump pointed to ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega to take her question and delivered an aside of his own as she momentarily turned to pick up the microphone. "She's like in a state of shock", Trump said of ABC's Cecelia Vega.

"I know you're not thanking", the first transcript said.

Trump defended Kavanaugh during the questioning from reporters today, saying that "We don't want to go on a witch hunt, do we?" He then proceeded to say, "you're not thinking, you never do".

"Don't do that, that's not nice", Trump said when Collins tried to repeat her question.

"She's shocked I picked her, she's in a state of shock". He returned to Vega later for a Kavanaugh question.

There was, for example, the incomplete transcript from Trump's infamous press conference in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But Trump's display of mockery and disrespect towards women reporters, especially has gotten even worse since September, when multiple women, including Christine Blasey Ford, came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Kavanaugh. "You never do", Trump shot back.

"I'm sorry?" Vega replied before asking her question. So, where the USA president accused the reporter of "not thinking", it now says "not thanking". But that's not what the official White House transcript shows. Yes, I did.' But without the question, the transcript made that crucial moment in history almost impossible to understand. Trump said. "I don't mind answering the question".

He ignored her and moved on to another reporter's question. More importantly, they seem to be more questions the GOP administration is refusing to answer. I mean, he talked about things that happened when he drinks - this is not a man that said... that he was flawless with respect to alcohol.

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At another point in the press conference, the President broadly attacked the media, saying: "I think the press has treated me unbelievably unfairly". What a mess I would be.