Microsoft Set To Win Secret Clearance Ahead Of Pentagon Cloud Bid

Friday, 12 Oct, 2018

Google would have bid on the proposal if the project had been split, the company says. Amazon has been criticized for providing image recognition tool to law enforcement and defense department. The contract could last 10 years, and be worth up to $10 billion for the winning bid. For those government agencies with citizenship requirements and more controlled access to certain types of data, Azure Government will continue to offer services at FedRAMP High, with the addition of the government cloud guarantees around heightened screening of personnel, management exclusively by U.S. citizens, and other important protections. Other major cloud service providers - Amazon and Microsoft - have also been criticized by their employees for working with the military and other defense projects. "Most importantly, current environments are not optimized to support large, cross domain analysis using advanced capabilities such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to meet current and future warfighting needs and requirements".

This is the second huge defense contract from which Google has withdrawn. In the starting of this year, Google ceased its role in the Pentagon's Project Maven AI drone project after continued backlash from its employees.

Those who are looking to take a swing at landing a massive $10 billion cloud computing contract with the Pentagon will not have to worry about competing with Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL). White laid out Microsoft's case in a almost 1,000-word prelude to the company's announcement of the new cloud certifications, leaning heavily on the "intelligent cloud and intelligent edge" mantra that has defined the Satya Nadella era of Microsoft.

According to them, however, the company refuses to work with the government of the United States. IBM, Microsoft and Oracle have sharply criticized that approach and even mounted lawsuits seeking to overturn it, arguing that the project is unfairly tilted in Amazon's favor.

The front-runner for the contract is widely believed to be Amazon, which already has a $US600 million contract with the Central Intelligence Agency. But the protests are about more than just the government being unfair, it's also about the Pentagon handing the keys to the kingdom over to a single vendor - a strategy that would make any security pro's eye twitch.

The principles bar use of Google's artificial intelligence (AI) software in weapons as well as services that violate global norms for surveillance and human rights.

Following details of the involvement of Google in Project Maven became known, thousands of employees at Google signed petitions asking for the company to leave the project and dozens resigned as a show of protest.