White Woman Who Falsely Accused Black Boy Of Sexual Harassment Apologizes

Tuesday, 16 Oct, 2018

After Klein appeared to complete her call, another white woman confronted her.

Littlejohn, who captured the video, said he's haunted by the memory of the crying child: "I was really disgusted by the situation, ' he told USA TODAY on Friday".

He also added that although some people believed Theresa was bluffing, "she actually did call 911" and that police responded 17 minutes later. You can hear her say, "I want the cops here right now!" Watch the news clip below, which clearly shows the child did not sexually assault her and Klein lied repeatedly.

"You just see her going to the store and back", Littlejohn said of Klein.

The Facebook video has been viewed over 5.9 million times.

Before Friday's mea culpa, however, Teresa Klein was widely ridiculed on social media after a viral video of the incident became the latest example of whites calling the police on blacks over seemingly trivial reasons.

She also says she's gotten death threats since the incident, while community members say they hope the boy is fine. She could have walked away, but she didn't. "Cornerstore Caroline. We have a new one". He now questions if Klein ever made a call and if she understands the gravity of her accusations.

"As far as I could tell from the way it felt on my butt, that's what had happened, "she said".

Ironically, the bodega security footage is working against her case.

The woman, 53-year-old Teresa Klein, had alleged on Wednesday that the boy groped her at a convenience store.

He followed that up with another video - this one showing police officers arriving at the woman's home. "She just did not care". This can't be allowed. She scarred this family, causing the two little kids to think they were about to be arrested for nothing whatsoever. While walking pass Klein, his bookbag grazed against her.

A GoFundMe campaign has raised over $11,000 for his education.

"Young man ... I don't know your name but I'm sorry", she said in a public address, according to the New York Times. The trauma that this woman put him through is horrific.

Mr Skolnik has confirmed he has been in touch with the family and you can donate here. "Permit Patty" and "BBQ Becky" each received online backlash after calling police to report a young black girl selling water in San Francisco and a group of black people barbecuing in Oakland, respectively.