Adobe to finally bring the ‘real’ Photoshop to iPads

Thursday, 18 Oct, 2018

When we talked about that, we never envisioned a world where we would be running Photoshop on an iPad Pro everywhere you are. Additionally, the PSD files you edit on your desktop can be brought forward and further manipulated on your iPad as well. On the off chance that you can create fine art on your PC, you can likely achieve a similar accomplishment on Apple's tablet. The app will be synced with the desktop, meaning you can resume work on projects began on one with the other. This is per Dami Lee at The Verge, who has been testing a pre-release version of Photoshop CC on the iPad.

Adobe is also working on a more focused drawing experience with new Project Gemini development. Premiere Rush CC has a user-friendly interface, suitable for mobile devices, in particular.

Adobe Photoshop for iPad.AdobePhotoshop for iPad will be able to open Photoshop "PSD" files and it will be tightly integrated with Photoshop on desktop computers.

Rather than squeeze the classic Photoshop interface onto a tablet, this iPad version is a streamlined, touch-centric experience.

"It shares the same code base as its desktop counterpart, so there's no compromises on power and performance or editing results", Adobe said in a statement.

Photoshop CC on the iPad showing some toolbars.

I myself have moved from Adobe Premiere Pro and now using the BlackMagic Design Davinci Resolve Studio for my movie editing & publishing needs, but if you want to give Adobe Premiere a try, this is a good timing. Once the new Photoshop becomes a reality, it will easily replace all of the existing Photoshop apps such as Photoshop Fix, Express and so on.

For app creators, Adobe is excited about the enhancements to its XD app. Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC are integrated into the application to help users get started quickly with professionally-designed Motion Graphics templates and a built-in music adjuster and sound normalizer. The app will be available on Android via Google Play sometime in 2019.

As for the pricing, Premiere Rush CC is available for $9.99/month to individuals, $19.99/month to teams, and $29.99/month to enterprise customers.

Currently, Adobe is showing a preview version only, with a shipping version to follow "in the future".