NEW First Legal Recreational Cannabis in Canada Sold in NL

Friday, 19 Oct, 2018

The day was historic for the country as Canadian adults can now legally smoke recreational marijuana after almost a century-long ban. USA immigration agents may even choose to ban Canadians from entering the country if they admit to smoking pot, even if they are entering states where it is legal, such as Washington.

The process, government ministers say, would be similar to the process used to pardon Canadians convicted of engaging in sexual activity with other members of the same sex before Canada passed sweeping anti-discrimination laws.

Canopy Growth may live inside a vestige of the past ー an abandoned Hershey's chocolate factory in Canada's eastern Ontario ー but the company has been anticipating the future for several years, according to its co-CEO and president: namely, marijuana.

The government is also considering a "blanket amnesty" for anyone now facing a pot conviction.

In total, Statistics Canada says 5.4 million Canadians would buy cannabis from legal dispensaries this year - about 15 percent of the population.

When it arrives at your house, Canada Post will undertake age-verification checks if you appear to be under the age of 25-years-old, as you have to be 19-years-old to legally order cannabis.

South Africa allows the use of marijuana in private, but it is still a criminal offence to sale it.

Americans looking to get their hands on Canadian weed should be careful, though.

Plus, the legal age for recreational possession of marijuana in California is 21, adding to the murkiness - and danger - of traveling internationally with a substance prohibited by United States federal law.

Uruguay was first was the first country to legalize marijuana sales in 2017. The US Customs and Border Protection held a briefing with journalists on Tuesday, noting that marijuana remains illegal under US federal law and those caught at the border with pot are subject to arrest and prosecution.

The announcement comes on the day that Canada has legalized so-called recreational marijuana.

-Travelers can not transport marijuana in or out of Canada. For example, although people are permitted to carry a small amount of marijuana at the Los Angeles International Airport, it is still illegal for someone flying from Canada to transport marijuana there. Fire and Flower Chief Executive Trevor Fencott brought his wife and three children - ages 16, 13 and 6 - for the opening, even though the kids were too young to go inside. They can possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in public, or its equivalent.

As Canada welcomes legalization, supply shortages could develop, as happened in some US states when legalization arrived.

Due to Newfoundland's unique timezone, stores on the island had the opportunity to open their doors half an hour earlier than anywhere else in Canada. "We got a big shipment coming on the 22nd", she said.

The start of legal sales wasn't the only good news for pot aficionados.

Almost a century of marijuana prohibition came to an end yesterday as Canada became the first major Western nation to legalize and regulate its sale and recreational use. The most populous province is working on its regulations and does not expect any stores to open until next spring.