Saudi suspect in Khashoggi case killed in accident

Friday, 19 Oct, 2018

Several companies - ranging from Google and Uber, to banking giants JP Morgan Chase and Credit Suisse have pulled out, citing concerns about Khashoggi's disappearance.

Turkish authorities say Dr Salah al-Tubaigy was among 15 men present at the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, when Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi is believed to have met a brutal end on October 2.

"Now I have to accept: That is not going to happen. I will be forever grateful he chose The Post as his final journalistic home one year ago and gave us the chance to work together".

Turkish crime scene investigators left the Saudi consulate early on Thursday after searching the building and consular vehicles, a Reuters witness said.

Pompeo said he believes those combined efforts will produce "a complete picture" of what happened to Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist living in the US who had been critical of the kingdom.

US President Donald Trump says the US has asked Turkey for an audio recording of Jamal Khashoggi's death which reportedly proves he was brutally tortured before his premeditated murder inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

USA media outlets have reported that Riyadh, despite its earlier denials of involvement, will acknowledge that Khashoggi was killed in a botched interrogation.

The US president has been on the defensive ever since Khashoggi - a US resident and Washington Post contributor who had criticised Prince Mohammed - vanished on Oct 2 after visiting the Istanbul consulate.

Khashoggi also praised the Washington Post for its translation of his columns into Arabic, but ultimately, he argued what is most needed is an independent speech platform for ordinary Arab people.

In the column he talks about the importance of a free press in the Middle East. He also called the kingdom an "important counterterrorism partner".

He has recently suggested that the global community had jumped to conclusions that Saudi Arabia was behind Mr Khashoggi's disappearance. Saudi officials have denied the allegations as "baseless", but haven't provided evidence of the writer leaving the diplomatic mission alive.

She ended her note: "This column perfectly captures his commitment and passion for freedom in the Arab world".

After Khashoggi was critical of President Donald Trump and the Saudi government's apparent trust in the USA leader, the royal family barred Khashoggi from writing. "I don't want to get into his mind, but it sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers".

New reporting overnight could escalate a diplomatic crisis between the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Dr Fox's withdrawal leaves Steve Mnuchen, the U.S. treasury secretary, as one of the last Western officials still scheduled to attend the conference after wave of cancellations.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that a suspect identified by Turkey was a frequent companion of the prince's.

Khashoggi went to the consulate on October 2 to get documents for his upcoming marriage to a Turkish woman while his fiancee waited outside.