President Trump Threatens Nightmare 1,500 Honduran Immigrants Marching to U.S.

Saturday, 20 Oct, 2018

The migrant caravan will be on top of the agenda, us officials say.

The caravan, which has swelled to thousands of people, originated in Guatemala last week and crossed into Honduras on October 15, after a brief standoff with Honduras police officers.

Honduran migrants bound to the U.S border climbed into the bed of a truck in Zacapa, Guatemala, Wednesday.

Some hung out their wet clothes to dry on railings and tree branches, while looked for a way to exchange their Guatemalan quetzales for Mexican pesos. "The United States stands ready to assist the Government of Mexico and UNHCR in this effort".

Already some migrants from the caravan have begun to arrive, seeking refuge, Mexico's foreign ministry said in a statement Thursday night.

A caravan of vehicles carrying more than 2,000 migrants left last Saturday from the northern Honduran city of San Pedro Sula after organizing themselves on social media.

Mexico's main reaction has been to step up security on its southern border with Guatemala. Those who do so will be held "at a migratory station" for up to 45 business days.

Mexico's government says migrants with proper documents can enter and those who don't either have to apply for refugee status or face deportation. Visas were granted to a handful of these migrants.

As the mass of humanity strung out from Guatemala City to the border, it was unclear whether those who made it the farthest would wait for their countrymen to arrive before attempting a mass crossing into Mexico.

"There have been these caravans through the years, but they become prominent because the president tweets about them", Selee said. A complicated mix of pressures are weighing on Mexican officials as they decide how to handle the matter.

Beyond that, this situation catches Mexico at a unusual time.

"This will be an election of [Justice Brett] Kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order, and common sense", Trump said, blaming Democrats for wanting more illegal immigrant migrants to enter the country because they "figure everybody coming in is going to vote Democrat". Earlier this year, some National Guard members were deployed to the border on a limited mission that does not include contact with migrants.

The migrant caravan, estimated at some 3,000 people, were preparing to cross into Mexico on October 19, reported the Associated Press.

"Mexico's policy consists in respecting and protecting human rights" of migrants, Mexican Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete said earlier this week.

It's also about Mexican emigrants living overseas, many of whom are undocumented.

The "migrant caravan" slowly making its way towards the United States' southern border continued to grow Thursday morning; defying President Trump's repeated warnings as they trekked through Guatemala.

The remark came during Thursday's broadcast of The Five, where Kennedy, known primarily for her self-titled program on the network, sat as a panelist for a discussion on immigrants during which she argued the government hasn't implemented sufficient border control.

Ingraham questioned why Democrats never bring up Americans who have been killed by criminal aliens in the United States. So that makes any global policy negotiations tricky.

However, although President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has said he is confident that agreement with the U.S. can be reached, the Mexican government has denied that a deal has been done.

The threats follow a similar playbook he used in April, when a caravan of around 1,500 took a similar journey.

He also said he aid could be cut to countries allowing the caravan to pass.

And the president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has pledged to issue work visas for Central Americans in a bid to retain workers in the area rather than seeing them moving to the US.

"We are not leaving because we want to", he said.