National Basketball Association doles out suspensions for Lakers-Rockets brawl

Tuesday, 23 Oct, 2018

Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma will be making their first starts of the season as they replace Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram, who start their respective suspensions. Late in the 4th quarter, a temper tantrum kicked off by Brandon Ingram would set off a fist fight between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul. Needless to say it will be interesting to see what Walton ultimately goes with as the pressure will only increase if the Lakers continue to pile up losses. "I'm happy it's only four. I thought it would be more than four, but I'm happy that it's at least four".

Paul was suspended for two games after he shoved a finger into Rondo's face and responded with punches of his own.

We can only guess that the Chili Peppers frontman said something along the lines of "suck my kiss" or "what I've got you've got to give it to your mama". "If you wanted to suspend him one (game) I get it, just to make a statement. That was all that was on my mind at the end of the day was to end the altercation and help the referees out". Just trying to separate the whole altercation.

It's a potentially awkward situation for James, who has always been close friends with Paul and Rockets teammate Carmelo Anthony.

"No, it actually - we're not friends anymore", he said with a smirk.

They have a history of raising the ire of the other, going back to at least 2009 during a Boston-New Orleans game.

"Everyone knows who I am, my team", Rondo added.

One of the league's best slashers and mid-range artists, DeRozan has shouldered his team's offense in its first two games, averaging 28.0 points on an efficient 48.8 percent clip. Early on Monday afternoon, Ingram said he was happy the suspension wasn't longer, and pledged to take "full responsibility". I could be wrong.

Ingram shoved Harden in frustration - and when he got a technical foul, he got in Phillips' face. Paul, Rondo, and Ingram were all drug away from the fight by players, coaches, and security.

Meanwhile, Josh Hart (15.5 points on 52.0 percent shooting) is likely to fill Ingram's role on the wing, though Kyle Kuzma (more on him in a second) is also a candidate to start.