Trump campaigns for Ted Cruz in Texas

Tuesday, 23 Oct, 2018

Trump and Cruz have had a flip-flop relationship.

If Monday's rally is anything near as awkward as that time Cruz phone-banked for Trump, we're in for a delight.

Meyers said that nickname is not okay. You know, they have a word - it sort of became old-fashioned - it's called a nationalist.

The event is being held at the 18,000 seat Toyota Center, home of the NBA's Houston Rockets.

Cruz touted his newfound companionship with the president. At stake on November 6 is whether Republicans can hold onto control of the Senate and the House and maintain Trump's one-party rule in Washington. His Democratic opponent, Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke, has already said that he would.

Congress is on break until after the election, "legislation enacting such a cut has not been planned on Capitol Hill, and congressional Republicans were privately skeptical that a vote could happen during the post-election lame duck session", the Post reports.

But Trump said he also had no regrets about suggesting Cruz's dad, Rafael, was linked to the JFK assassination. "Beto O'Rourke, in this state, is running to the left of Elizabeth Warren, to the left of Bernie Sanders, and Texas is not going to stand for it", Cruz added. In that interview, O'Rourke voiced his opposition to commonly owned semiautomatic rifles and said, "I just don't think we should be selling AR-15s in this country".

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, declined to say Sunday whether he views President Trump as a friend or a foe, describing him as simply "the president".

Trump, meanwhile, called O'Rourke a "stone cold phony" who "pretends to be a moderate, but he's actually a radical open-borders left-winger".

Both venues are a far cry from Trump's promise earlier this year to campaign for Cruz in "the biggest stadium in Texas we can find".

The rally comes on the same day as early voting kicks off in Texas.

Sonmez reported from Washington.