Vladimir Putin-Donald Trump bromance to continue in Paris

Wednesday, 24 Oct, 2018

USA intelligence agencies say Russian Federation carried out a campaign of hacking and propaganda targeting the 2016 poll in an attempt to sow discord, discredit Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and boost support for Republican Donald Trump.

Washington is determined to withdraw from the INF arms control treaty no matter what, but has not done so yet, USA national security adviser John Bolton said after meetings with the Russian leadership in Moscow.

Beijing was not part of the INF treaty which has restricted the United States and Russian Federation and has been free to build new and more deadly missiles.

Writing in The American Interest, Stephen Sestanovich, a former U.S. National Security Council senior director for policy development under Reagan, said that "military competition between China and the United States will obviously be the Pentagon's top priority in coming years".

The prospect of a US weapons buildup would underscore concern in Beijing that the U.S.is intent on thwarting China's rise, be it via a trade war or a systematic program of military containment.

'Sleepwalking' into an arms race?

"Any action in this area will be met with a counteraction, because the strategic stability can only be ensured on the basis of parity", Lavrov said before his talks with Bolton. Not a party to the bilateral accord, China has developed a significant force of land-based, conventionally armed, medium-range ballistic missiles to counter the United States military buildup in its "pivot to Asia". Hua repeated her call Monday for the U.S.to "think twice" about quitting the treaty.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier this month that the military alliance remained "concerned about Russia's lack of respect for its global commitments, including the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the INF Treaty". It was first fielded in 2016.

"Russia has not adhered to the agreement". He said Russian Federation would have to take security countermeasures to "restore balance".

He added: "And that's perfectly understandable".

"That's what I thought", Putin quipped. "Why not have the Americans bound, and the Chinese not bound?" Since Trump's election U.S.

He added that some in the U.S. defense community would like Washington to have the option of deploying land-based cruise missiles in Asia in the future.

Trump also has extended an invitation to Putin to visit Washington, which administration officials said could yield a second full summit next year.

The "first island chain" is a string of archipelagos stretching from Japan, past Taiwan to the Philippines - all US security partners.

Mismanagement of expectations surrounding a USA treaty pullout could also unsettle security in the Asia-Pacific, she cautioned.

Bolton, however, said Britain, Japan, and a number of other countries supported the USA position. "Leaving the INF would allow the U.S. to do this", he said.

"But there are a lot of alliance questions that appear at first glance to be very tricky", he cautioned.

"Hopefully, I will have some answers for you", he said. "But ruining the treaty in a situation where even hints at concluding a new one do not exist is something that we do not welcome", Dmitry Peskov said, according to the Russian news agency Tass.

President Donald Trump said on Monday that the United States plans to increase it's already massive nuclear arsenal, a move that could start another arms race.

The time has come to set the Treaty aside and develop alternative avenues toward the security the treaty once provided, " Risch said.