Saudi prosecutors: Jamal Khashoggi killing was premeditated

Friday, 26 Oct, 2018

What was left unclear was who premeditated the killing.

Saudi prosecutors are interrogating suspects on the basis of information provided by a joint Saudi-Turkish task force, the statement carried by the Saudi state news agency added.

After first insisting Khashoggi left the consulate unharmed, Saudi authorities said he was killed in an argument that degenerated into a brawl. U.S. officials have said such a mission - including 15 men sent from Riyadh - could not have been carried out without the authorization of bin Salman, the country's de facto ruler.

The Turkish foreign minister said, however, that "if worldwide institutions or courts take initiative and start such an investigation, as Turkey, of course we will share the information and evidences we have as well as the results of our investigation".

'We are determined not to allow the murder to be covered up and for those responsible - from the person who gave the order to those who executed it - not to escape justice, ' he said in the capital, Ankara. Now they say he was the victim of a premeditated murder. "His family also wants to know and pay their final tribute".

During the vigil, a friend of Khashoggi and advisor to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Yasin Aktay, said that "no one can sweep this affair under the rug".

As the investigation into Khashoggi's alleged murder has developed, the US government has taken some action.

Crown Jewel was under fire after the October 2 murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a prominent critic of the country's government.

WWE was waiting on Turkey to announce details from its investigation on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi and then decided whether they should still hold this event.

Trump told The Wall Street Journal: "Well, the prince is running things over there more so at this stage". "The cover-up was disgusting".

Mohammed has denied any prior knowledge of the of the mission and on Wednesday called the journalist's killing "a heinous crime".

"Canada is committed to upholding human rights, freedom of expression and the protection of journalists around the world", he said.

President Trump has called the "cover-up" of Khashoggi's death one of the "worst cover-ups in the history of cover-ups", and said he'll consult Congress on what to do about the Saudis in response.

The latest change is nearly certain to cast further doubt on the kingdom's explanation of what happened to Khashoggi.

At least 18 Saudi citizens have been arrested in connection to the killing, as NPR has reported, and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday that 21 Saudi suspects would have their U.S. visas revoked and/or not be granted new ones.

However, even US President Donald Trump has cast doubt on MBS's claim he had nothing to do with Khashoggi's murder. British Prime Minister Theresa May said its Saudi arms sales were "under review", a stance similar to that expressed by Australia. Should worldwide relations with Saudi Arabia continue to worsen over the next few months, WWE could very likely find themselves in the exact same position in 2019.

It's unclear whether US intelligence agrees.

The head of the Central Intelligence Agency on Thursday briefed U.S. President Donald Trump on the latest developments in the investigation of the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi after a fact-finding mission to Turkey, officials said.

Khashoggi was a USA resident and had lived in self-imposed exile in Virginia since 2017, shortly after the powerful Prince Mohammed was appointed heir to the throne.

Conflicting reports surfaced about whether Turkish investigators had searched a well in the garden of the Saudi diplomatic compound as part of their probe.