4 leaders want committee on Syrian constitution

Tuesday, 30 Oct, 2018

Turkey's official Anadolu news agency said Turkish artillery strikes Sunday hit trenches and positions built by the YPG on a hill in the village of Zor Moghar, in rural northern Aleppo.

Macron said a "constitutional committee needs to be established and should hold its first meeting by the end of the year".

The YPG said the Turkish shelling was "unprovoked" and is a distraction from the fight against Daesh in eastern Syria. Yet, continuous US support to the YPG has made the group establish itself militarily in the region.

"For example, Turkey's cross-border military operations removed the pressure of terror threat from the shoulders of the European countries", Bayrakli told Xinhua.

Asked if Mr Assad's future in Syria came up during the talks, Mr Putin said "no personalities were discussed" since that would be counterproductive for the peace process.

"The U.S. was the least affected country by the developments in Syria".

"Any illegitimate attack against northern Syria will not go unanswered", the Syrian militias said in a statement.

"The Istanbul summit leaves Assad's fate in the hands of Syrian people", read a headline in the Saudi-funded Al Arabiya channel.

A rival United Nations plan for a committee to write the constitution ran aground this week, with UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura, who attended the summit, saying Damascus rejected the UN having a role in the selection process.

Khallaf also stressed the importance of keeping Idlib stable and secure, noting maintaining cease-fire was key to stop the bloodshed in Syria.

Ankara, which has long backed rebels seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, and Moscow, Assad's principal foreign ally, brokered a deal last month to create a demilitarised zone in the northwest Idlib region.

Under the deal, Russian Federation and Turkey chose to carry out joint patrols in the area to prevent further fighting.

It appears neither side will halt the hostilities in the demilitarized zones until they are forced to adhere to the ceasefire by the Turkish and Russian forces in northwest Syria.

"We in the Syrian Democratic Council, in the strongest terms, condemn the Turkish aggression on safe villages in northern Syria, and we call on the United Nations and the worldwide coalition against ISIS to intervene and take up their responsibility towards this Turkish provocation of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)", reads a statement from the SDC published on Monday.