Report details how furious Aaron Rodgers was with Ty Montgomery

Tuesday, 30 Oct, 2018

Montgomery, who admitted he's always told to keep kickoffs in the end zone, thought he was too close to the goal line and chose to test his luck against Los Angeles' special teams.

Why go down? With no timeouts, Arizona had no way to get the ball back. But the "W" was more important.

According to unnamed members of the Packers who spoke to Michael Silver of, Montgomery was instructed by the coaches to take a knee on the kickoff return after Los Angeles pulled ahead 29-27 late in the game.

Gurley is leading the league in many categories and certainly another touchdown would've added to his case for a potential MVP award. Montgomery, who spoke with the media on Monday for the first time about the play, denied he blatantly disobeyed the coaches and said he wasn't sure where the ball would land, so he made a "split-second decision" to run, not wanting there to be any question about where he was and "put the game in the ref's hands".

And the head coach would rather see it that way after a tough loss than the other way around.

Not only were spread bets decided with Gurley's decision, but the total on the game was in play as well. Had they taken their chances, they might not have needed a game-winning drive at the end.

"We go over this stuff every week". No need to run up the score - just get the W and call it a day.

"We came out with that energy, " Packers nose tackle Kenny Clark said. That was him saying, "I'm gonna do me.' It's a f-- joke". I think you can ask a lot of guys in the locker room, that's not what I do. "It's just disappointing for us to lose the game".

Sunday was another display of Gurley's excellence throughout the contest. Gurley had 114 yards rushing and 81 yards receiving, and he scored a touchdown in his franchise record-tying 11th consecutive game on a 30-yard pass in the third quarter.

Rodgers threw for 286 yards, but he didn't get a snap in the final 5:20.

"I kind of had a feeling [it was a catch] because I got that left leg down", Gurley said, "but I was just hoping that they were going to review it". So far this year through seven games he's only carried it 26 times.

No matter what happens, the good news for Los Angeles is any decision made is going to be done to put the team in the best position possible to continue being one of the top contenders in the NFC. I came off frustrated about it, and I don't know if you guys have ever been so frustrated with something you walk into a room, you close a door, you scream, and then you walk back out and then you deal with your life and you move on.