Multiple casualties in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

Wednesday, 31 Oct, 2018

He has been identified as Robert Bowers, 46, of Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania's Attorney General Josh Shapiro is saying that the shooter at the synagogue in Pittsburgh 'shooter claimed innocent lives - and injured first-responders - at a baby naming'.

Pittsburgh officials have confirmed multiple casualties and three officers shot after a gunman opened fire at a synagogue Saturday morning.

Trump spoke to reporters as he left for that event, calling the shooting a "shame" and lamenting that "something has to be done" about "what's going on" in the United States and around the world.

Trump responded before boarding Air Force One for a speech in IN and promised a fuller statement after his arrival.

Before boarding Air Force One, Trump told reporters, "They had a maniac walk in and they didnt have any protection and that is just so sad to see. God bless them all", echoed Vice President Mike Pence. "I think one thing we should do is we would stiffen up our laws with guns with the death penalty", Trump said.

A past president of the Tree of Life synagogue told KDKA that there would have been three simultaneous services being held inside the building at the time of the shooting-each with between 15 and 40 people in attendance.

People gather on a corner near the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa., where a shooter opened fire Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018.

The suspect's motive remains unknown but he reportedly made anti-Semitic remarks as he was taken into custody. "He doesn't want any of them to live", said another officer.

"We were working with the other synagogues if something horrific like this happened", he told KDKA.

Chattanooga Mayor Berke also tweeted. Two of the officers were shot in the initial confrontation with the gunman and two SWAT officers were wounded in a later confrontation.

Togneri also said police have no more information at this time because they were still trying to clear the building and determine if any more threats exist.

The synagogue is located on the corner of Wilkins and Shady Avenue. Looks like multiple fatalities.

According to the police, they received several calls from people barricaded inside the Synagogue.

"Do not come out of your home right now, it is not safe", Pittsburgh police Commander Jason Lando warned local residents, in an impromptu news conference at the scene.

The governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, who traveled to the scene of the shooting, tweeted: "This is an absolute tragedy".