Indian Couple Falls 800 Ft To Death In California

Friday, 02 Nov, 2018

Moorthy's distinctive pink hair is visible in the photo.

The couple's latest trip turned out to be their last.

An Indian couple who fell to their deaths in California's Yosemite National Park were apparently taking a selfie, according to a family member. "This recovery operation involved Park Rangers using technical climbing and rappelling techniques, in addition to helicopter support from the California Highway Patrol for a short-haul operation", the park said in a statement.

The couple identified as Vishnu Viswanath, 29, and Meenakshi Moorthy, 30, were married since 2014.

The couple's social media pages and their travel website is full of chronicles of their travel from all over the world. Last month, a teenager from Israel died after falling off a cliff near the Nevada Fall while reportedly trying to take a selfie.

According to Richards, 10 people have died in the park so far this year.

Viswanath had worked as a software engineer for Cisco and was planning to move with his wife from NY to California for the job.

Matteson said Moorthy appeared to enjoy the scenery from the popular view point.

Moorthy described her and her husband as "travel obsessed" on their blog, "Holidays & Happily Ever Afters", which was taken down Tuesday.

She also noted that Moorthy, who has filled her social media with colorful photos of herself at travel destinations, did not look as though she was preparing to take a photo. He said Vishnu Viswanath was a "thoughtful and awesome guy, very talented". The wind gusts are extremely dangerous☠️ and your adrenaline rage is not worth your life.

"Is our life worth just one photo?" she wrote.

Vishnu captioned it 'Living life on the edge'.

In a recent post, Moorthy noted the dangers that lurk at some locations. "I believe i can touch the skyyy", she wrote in the post.

The pair had spent the last few years travelling the world and documenting their journey on Instagram.

She also later remembered that Moorthy was without a backpack. In a post from April, Moorthy apologized to readers for going silent and "disappearing for more than a year". Most of you already know this mermaid-haired wanderess Minaxi and her captain Vishnu, but in case some of you missed, we are an NYC based gypsy couple "Consumed by Wanderlust, Compelled by Adventures and Conviction in HappilyEverAfters" I, Minaxi looove to waltz with words and will remain the high-spirited story-teller at our blog and all social media, while Vishnu is the go-to "techie-in-residence" ⚙️. Visitors spotted the couple's bodies on Wednesday. He said Laguillo noticed the photos on Monday after photos of the two victims were published. There aren't any railings. Some of the photographs on the site are accompanied by text warning of the danger of getting too close to the edge just for the sake of a selfie. But she seemed comfortable. "She didn't seem like she was in distress or anything". They shared their photos in attractive places, along with a warning of travel dangers. It added, "It would only take a loose rock or bad footing to plummet".

"We are continuing to investigate what happened in this tragic accident", Richards told the newspaper.

Associated Press writers Ashok Sharma and Chonchui Ngashangva contributed to this report from New Delhi.

No one saw Viswanath however, with Laguillo stating that his wife was alone the entire time she was in the area that afternoon.