CAFOD suggests new Brazil President will 'exacerbate the bloodshed'

Saturday, 03 Nov, 2018

Historian and writer, Lilia Schwarcz said Bolsonaro had successfully built his campaign on fear: of an imagined communist threat, a supposed moral collapse, and of chronic insecurity that he has promised to combat by loosening gun laws and with an iron-fist.

During the court hearing, the nine magistrates said police action on university campuses should stop, because it affects freedom of expression and thought at the universities.

Trump's friendly call augurs closer political ties between the two largest economies in the Americas - both now led by conservative populists promising to overturn the political establishment.

The judge at the center of Brazil's sprawling investigation into kickbacks to politicians said Tuesday he would consider joining the Cabinet of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro if invited.

The goal is to reduce by half some 29 ministries by combining others, such as Agriculture and Environment, said Deputy Onyx Lorenzoni, who may become Bolsonaro's next chief of staff.

He said he meant to speak to Judge Sergio Moro "soon" and invite him to the justice ministry or to the Supreme Court. Lorenzoni reiterated his view that efforts to reform Brazil's pension system should wait until next year. To comprehend this outcome and the path on which Brazil has put itself in electing Mr. Bolsonaro, it is important to remember the legacy of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and his leftist Workers' Party. The next vacancy on the court is expected in 2020.

"I'm scared of him", Franco said, but she added she was also scared of "people who voted for him" who might now feel liberated to attack minorities. Bolsonaro has publicly mocked women and their appearance - once telling a female lawmaker that, "I wouldn't rape you because you don't deserve it" - mocked minority groups, threatened to jail his political opponents and warned that immigrants are eroding Brazilian culture.

In an interview with Globo TV, he said he would withdraw government advertising from media outlets he deemed to be "lying". The UOL news portal, owned by the Grupo Folha, which also controls the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, used Brazil's freedom of information act as the basis for a 2015 article that showed Globo received 565 million reais in federal government spending in 2014. "He has little experience if at all with macroeconomic issues of the size and importance that Brazil faces".

Still, Fitch Ratings on Monday highlighted the "deep fiscal challenges" confronting Bolsonaro's team, as weak growth and a huge budget deficit leave little room to maneuver.

Moro did not respond to requests for comment.