USA finalising plan to crack down on asylum seekers

Sunday, 04 Nov, 2018

The only violence Trump has cited in justifying the militarization of the border is what he alleges took place along Mexico's border with Guatemala when the caravan of migrants confronted Mexican federal police at that border. Administration officials have railed against what they say are loopholes created to encourage people, especially from Central America, to come to the USA and claim asylum.

On Thursday, Mr. Trump had said, "They want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back". "What I don't want is I don't want these people throwing rocks".

Previous caravans traveling from Central America have dwindled from thousands to hundreds of people by the time they reach the border.

Immigrant rights groups are expected to challenge any limits placed on access to asylum. "They're throwing rocks viciously and violently", Trump said, declaring, "This isn't an innocent group of people, large number of people who are tough". They don't care because they're in the country and nobody knows where they are.

In the same speech, he said the troops on the border - which now number 5,200 - would have instructions to open fire if migrants threw rocks at them, as they had at the Mexican authorities.

What we experienced with this humble and determined people tonight completely upends the racist, immigrant-bashing lies of Donald Trump.

"I think what we have seen is we've seen clearly an organization at a higher level than we've seen before", O'Shaughnessy said.

"We will consider that a firearm".

'Because there's not much difference.

Trump has long criticized USA asylum law, which allows migrants to request protection upon arriving in the country regardless of how they enter.

Migrants who cross illegally are generally arrested and often seek asylum or some other form of protection.

Sarah Pierce, policy analyst for the U.S. Immigration Policy Program at the Migration Policy Institute, refuted the president's claims. The administration will seek to require migrants to request asylum at legal points of entry, and prevent them from claiming asylum if they are caught crossing the border illegally.

Trump and other administration officials have long said those seeking asylum should come through legal ports of entry. We are going to hold them right there. According to the Homeland Security Department, about 20 percent of claimants are granted asylum.

Her responses, while more articulate than the president's, perpetuated the administration's fear-mongering narrative about immigration and specifically targeted the caravan heading to the border from Honduras that has become a political pawn ahead of the midterm elections.

A day before his speech, Trump posted a controversial anti-immigration campaign ad on Twitter and contended, without evidence, that Democrats allowed a twice-deported Mexican immigrant to stay in the country before he killed two deputy sheriffs in California in 2014.

Senator Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, called the ad "sickening" and said Republicans "should denounce it".

He brought up immigration issues several times during a political rally Thursday night in Columbia, Missouri.

One man, Dennis Alfredo, with his wife, teenage son, and four-year-old daughter, said, "We have done nothing wrong in our country".

He complained that the law had given rise to an global birth tourism industry and imagined foreign adversaries sending their pregnant wives to the give birth. This includes reorienting training from that required for the smaller wars the U.S. has fought since the Sept 11 terrorist attacks to a "great power" struggle with Russian Federation and China. "It's insane, think of it", he said. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!' In a morning tweet, he said the right to citizenship for babies born to non-citizens on American soil "will be ended one way or the other".

"It just doesn't make any sense", said Lapan, now a vice president of communications at the Bipartisan Policy Centre.