Yeah, It's Probably Happening — Samsung Foldable Phone

Tuesday, 06 Nov, 2018

Neither the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 had true white color options, opting instead for shades of silver, which was also true for the (recalled) Galaxy Note 7, and the Galaxy Note 8 never even had that to choose from, unless you count the Olympic edition of the phone. The phone could pack in 512GB of internal storage.

The Verge and Mashable were among those to get hands-on with the device at an event in San Francisco. The Korean giant is eager to know about the initial comments about the newly designed flexible device. According to, the company's first foldable phone will be named Samsung Galaxy F, with the F likely standing for foldable, instead of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy X.

As a feat of engineering, the reviewers were impressed.

Samsung CEO DJ Koh in August this year had said that the company planned to launch the long-delayed foldable phone at the earliest as it didn't want to lose "the world's first" title.

But there are problems: The phone is bulky and makes a crunching sound when folded. The phone has been codenamed as Valley and victor also.

When folded, it will turn into three different displays and the edge screen will notify you about calls or messages.

It had been widely expected that top vendor like Samsung or Huawei would be the first but the California-based start-up beats big tech companies in launching the Royole FlexPai.

Bending the phone and straightening it back out actually takes a bit of force: it's nowhere near as effortless as flipping open an old school flip phone. Royale told her that these are known issues due to "adhesive used in the engineering samples". The dual-camera setup is on par with other smartphone leaders with its 20-megapixel telephoto and 16-megapixel wide-angle lenses, as well as stereo speakers and a fingerprint ID - features that define smartphones nowadays. It's made of a rubbery-feeling silicone that looks a bit like the spine of a particularly thick book. The software, a bespoke version of Android 9.0, is "extremely sluggish" and buggy, he added.

Royole says it's still working to improve the software, and from what I saw, it's very much a work in progress. The phone, however, has been delayed due to various issues.