Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy to lead Republicans in Congress

Saturday, 17 Nov, 2018

Jordan, a pugnacious conservative and former Division I college wrestling champion, ran against McCarthy -- and the current slate of GOP leaders. McCarthy said on CNN that the party that wins control of the White House usually loses some seats in the next election cycle.

In the wake of Democrat control, McCarthy is being praised for his pro-life principles.

In McCarthy, Republicans have boosted one of the party's strongest fundraisers and campaign strategists to replace retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan, who also has an encyclopedic knowledge of Republican members' families and districts.

In the House, a group of Democratic lawmakers are determined to ensure Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doesn't become Speaker in January. "If there are variables and things that are offered to us of course we'll consider them, but I think our position is pretty sound and understandable".

Mr. Jordan had said Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Ryan should bear the blame for election losses last week because voters felt that Republicans didn't live up to their promises. "He certainly earned the position", Meuser told reporters on Tuesday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been elected to another term as GOP leader.

In his role as House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy faces the challenge of returning the GOP to the majority in two years amid disagreement over why they lost and what they need to do to win again. This year, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of MI made history as the first Muslim women elected to Congress, while Davids of Kansas and Deb Haaland of New Mexico will be the first Native American women.

Senate Democrats also maintained their basic leadership, with Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer of NY winning another term after limiting his party's losses last week.

Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and California Rep. Kevin McCarthy are running for House minority leader. The next minority leader will have to decide whether and when the GOP minority might work to find common ground with Democrats and could also come under increased scrutiny from the President as the administration itself goes under a microscope in the new Democratic-controlled House.

House Democrats will hold their election after Thanksgiving. John Cornyn of Texas, was pushed out by term limits. In private conversations, Trump has pushed for Jordan and another close conservative ally - Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina - to have the top Republican positions on key committees, according to a source familiar. That allows Sen. John Thune of South Dakota to move up to the No. 2 spot. Sen. But since his election, he has changed course, saying instead the money must come from Congress and US taxpayers.

Senate Democrats say they won't agree to US$5 billion, and Republicans said they intend to remind the president of the constraints imposed by the 60-vote margin that gives Democrats significant leverage in the Senate.