Whatever happened to trying to impeach President Donald Trump?

Thursday, 29 Nov, 2018

"If it becomes as a choice between a Republican and Nancy Pelosi, I'll obviously support Nancy Pelosi", Lynch told a local TV station.

While both letters underscore some of the obstacles Pelosi faces in returning to the speakership, she is widely expected to win a large majority of her caucus' support when the party votes behind closed doors in leadership elections once the House returns next week.

Said Ms. Bash: "Nancy Pelosi certainly knows her power more than any woman I've ever covered in politics". "But I do think we risk losing the majority in the House - we risk having Trump elected for another four years - if the Democrats don't offer a new direction in the Democratic Party".

Rep. Brian Higgins of NY reversed his position and announced he plans to support Pelosi in exchange for several open-ended commitments from leadership to bring an infrastructure bill to the floor next year, lower health care costs for Americans with pre-existing conditions, and work to make Medicare available to Americans at age 50.

Still the push by more moderate members of the Democratic caucus to halt Pelosi's rise and bring in new leadership has angered some in the more liberal wing of the party.

It was also a stark acknowledgment, two days before Democrats meet behind closed doors to choose their leaders, that nobody in their ranks has been willing to directly challenge Pelosi, a 78-year-old Californian who has led her party for 15 years. They say voters swept them to office in this month's elections to govern, not become bogged down by the kind of Republican infighting that sent Ohio Rep. John Boehner to an early exit as speaker and weakened his successor, Wisconsin Rep. The California lawmaker, who hopes to lead Democrats as House speaker come January, calls impeachment a "divisive activity" that needs to be approached with bipartisanship.

Yet if the Problem Solvers do not get their concessions, the Democrats on that caucus could gum up the works for her in the official congressional-wide vote in January, when she'll need 218 total votes and would be unlikely to get any Republicans' votes.

"Does that suggest you could vote for Nancy Pelosi again if she lays out that clear plan?" She has called herself a "transitional figure", a comment some have interpreted as a sign that she does not intend to stay in Congress beyond 2020, although she recently explained that she viewed all leaders as transitional.

Cuomo said in a statement that there was "no comparable tested alternative" to Pelosi, who has led House Democrats since 2003.

"She does know Democrats, and she knows what is important to them".

At the same time, a leader of the anti- Pelosi movement, Seth Moulton, said he wants to hold talks with Pelosi to discuss changes to the leadership team. "Throughout the election, Republicans here in Kansas warned voters that Sharice is a liberal partisan who would happily support Pelosi for Speaker and her extreme agenda, and so far we've been proven right".

"Hard pass. So long as Leader Pelosi remains the most progressive candidate for Speaker, she can count on my support". Another new member who said during his campaign that he would not back Pelosi, Representative-elect Gil Cisneros of California, added his name to the letter Monday. "She has always fought for our priorities and I believe she always will". "Our victory has sprung not only from the quality of our candidates and the strength of our message, which one news report said was delivered 'like a jackhammer, ' but also from the mobilization of the outside groups that helped carry that message". "I don't want to shake the confidence of the millions of people who stepped out to vote".