KC Star Kareem Hunt Caught on Camera Assaulting Woman In TMZ Video

Saturday, 01 Dec, 2018

The video, obtained by TMZ, is from inside a hotel in Cleveland back in February. The website also said at the time that Ottinger was a Kent State University who says she was on a party bus with a friend, Hunt and his entourage. "Hunt said he went to bed, and later told someone to call security when he could still hear the women out in the hallway, the report says".

The Chiefs and the National Football League were aware of the incident after it occurred, but no disciplinary actions were ever taken against Hunt and he was not suspended. That would mean he would miss Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders.

As for the video, the entire incident took place in the early morning hours of February 10.

Police were called in the aftermath of the incident; Hunt was not arrested and charges were not filed.

The NFL has yet to take any action against Hunt. Hunt can be seen shoving the woman, but when she hits him back, he shoves his friend into her.

When Hunt spoke to Cleveland police, he said he asked the women to leave and told his friend that the pair could not stay. According to the police report, she stuck around for at least 30 more minutes and was yelling and pounding on the door to Hunt's apartment. At one point, however, he appeared to barrel into a man, who then bumped into the woman and sent her flying.

No charges were filed from the altercation, though two police reports were created. It shows Hunt lunging toward a woman and several others in the hotel hallway, and the second-year pro being restrained several times.

It's reminiscent of the Ray Rice situation in 2014, after the then-Ravens running back knocked out his fiancee (now wife) in a hotel elevator.