Twitter Reacts To Ariana Grande’s Iconic ‘Thank U, Next’ Video!

Saturday, 01 Dec, 2018

Following the theme of her homage to The First Wives Club on Ellen, "Thank U, Next" inserts Grande into her favorite movies and, rather than falling into the standard rom-com formula, reinforcing the message of self-love and moving on that the song promotes.

The docu-series will also chronicle pieces of Grande's Dangerous Woman tour and the benefit she headlined in the wake of the attack, One Love Manchester.

Grande and Davidson called off their engagement in October, and it looks like both parties are ready to move on. Grande had previously teased that she cast someone to portray the part of Regina's mom in a Mean Girls scene, and fans who guessed Jenner were proven right when the Kardashian matriarch arrived in a pink velour jumpsuit to videotape the talent show. She even tapped another Victorious alum, Matt Bennett, to play her love interest Cliff Pantone (originally played by Jesse Bradford).

In August, Grande said on Good Morning America that she was batting around ideas for a 2019 wedding.

The series is expected to avoid touching on her personal life while providing never-before-seen tour clips, highlights from her One Love Manchester tribute concert, and behind-the-scenes of the making of Sweetener. And she's already scored the approval of 13 star Mark Ruffalo. She hops out of a black Porsche with her beagle-chihuahua mix Toulouse as the pair cosplays fiercely feminine law student Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) and her loyal pup Bruiser.

Later on, during a bit of dialogue with Jennifer Coolidge in a Legally Blonde-inspired nail salon, Grande says, "I mean, he was really cute, you know?"

Other highlights include Grande recreating the iconic "bend and snap" scene from "Legally Blonde" and several cheerleading scenes from "Bring It On". Could the thing in question be attached to Pete "Big Dick Energy Davidson?".