Magnitude Earthquake in Alaska Triggers Tsunami Warning

Sunday, 02 Dec, 2018

Despite the confusion, Anchorage authorities said Friday night that no fatalities or serious injuries were reported.

A powerful 7.0 magnitude quake that rocked Anchorage, Alaska, on Friday shook buildings, collapsed roads and triggered at least nine aftershocks - producing plenty of dramatic images in the process.

Photos and videos of the earthquake's damage have begun to circulate on social media. The KTVA-TV newsroom was heavily damaged as ceiling tiles collapsed to the floor and cameras tipped over.

After the quake, Alaska state troopers were "responding to calls for service and unconfirmed reports of damage", said Jonathon Taylor, a spokesman for the state's Department of Public Safety.

"Car alarms going off, etc".

Major roads across the region were torn apart, including parts of Alaska's scenic Glenn Highway. "It's dark. And we're not sure what the power situation is", Murkowski said.

In Wasilla, about 40 miles northeast of Anchorage, long lines for fuel formed at the gas stations that remained open.

"Surveillance and system assessment efforts on TAPS will remain heightened in the hours and days ahead", Alyeska said Friday afternoon.

The company said there was no damage to electricity generation infrastructure.

The day the quake hit, classes were canceled at Anchorage's Pacific University where Colorado native, Zoe Flannery, is a junior. "All non-essential personnel should go home", it said in a tweet.

A main air traffic tower was evacuated and four airports were closed, following the quake. One image showed a vehicle stranded on an island of pavement, surrounded by cavernous cracks where the quake split the road. "And the schools actually texted out to all the parents to come pick up their kids", English said.

The back-to-back earthquakes measured 7.0 and 5.8, rocking buildings and shattering roads.

She said while the road to the airport was damaged, she believes her flight to Craig for the holidays next week will be no problem.

"To the Great people of Alaska". You have been hit hard by a 'big one.' Please follow the directions of the highly trained professionals who are there to help you.

Walker said he had been in contact with the White House, which promised emergency assistance from the federal government. Walker's statement concluded. "God bless Alaska".

The 7.0 natural disaster was felt up to 400 miles outside of Anchorage, said Michael West, the Alaska state seismologist.