United Kingdom government will not pull December 11 Brexit deal vote, minister says

Tuesday, 04 Dec, 2018

May is battling to persuade lawmakers to support the divorce agreement she has sealed with the European Union when the House of Commons votes on December 11.

If the motion is approved, a cross-party committee of parliamentarians would be tasked with investigating the alleged contempt and considering whether to recommend a punishment. Pro-EU lawmakers have also said they will vote against it, and some, especially in the main opposition Labour Party, will also try to unseat her. I fully accept that.

"I can not take a step that I believe in conscience would be against the public interest and potentially seriously harmful to a fundamental constitutional principle and the temporal interests of this country in the midst of a negotiation", Cox said.

More than two years since Britain voted to leave the European Union, the testy debates that shaped the referendum have increased, deeply dividing the country and increasing uncertainty over its future which has unsettled markets and businesses.

The left-wing Labour party, which rejects the deal along with all the other opposition parties and has raised the possibility of a second referendum on Brexit, says it would trigger a confidence vote to bring down her government if May loses. However, they have refused to do so.

"Like business more generally - and I think the public - they want to see MPs reducing uncertainty, stopping chaos and further division, concluding a deal and allowing business to move forward".

MPs voted last month to require the government to lay before Parliament "any legal advice in full".

She emphasized that her job was making sure that the government takes the measures that the people demanded.

United Kingdom government will not pull December 11 Brexit deal vote, minister says
United Kingdom government will not pull December 11 Brexit deal vote, minister says

Lawmakers are voting on a motion finding the government in contempt of Parliament for refusing to publish the full guidance from Attorney General Geoffrey Cox.

Solicitor General Robert Buckland told BBC's Newsnight it was a "complete diversion" and a "concocted parliamentary parlour game that should be stopped".

"I hate to say this on ITV but I'm a bit of a Strictly fan".

The issue risks overshadowing Mrs May's effort to win over MPs ahead of the showdown in a week's time.

Starmer also said that Labour would press for contempt proceedings against the government if May fails to produce the full legal advice she has received on her Brexit deal.

Over the coming days she will deploy senior Cabinet ministers to make the case, with Chancellor Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Home Secretary Sajid Javid expected to appear at the despatch box.

Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona's opinion will offer a boost to Remainers hoping to reverse Brexit when MPs vote on Theresa May's controversial withdrawal agreement, which has been agreed by European Union leaders in Brussels.

'This vote is taking place, as planned, and many MPs (lawmakers) are considering how they may or may not vote'. "It's imperative that it's resolved in a way that it does not reignite the Troubles", said Kerry, suggesting the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) could easily recommence its long campaign of assassinations and terror bombings again British soldiers, police officers, politicians, and civilians - despite its claims to have disarmed as a result of the 20-year-old peace deal. But defeat would increase the chances of Britain leaving without a deal - a prospect that could mean chaos for Britain's economy and businesses - and put May under fierce pressure to resign.