Bush’s funeral train to College Station

Friday, 07 Dec, 2018

Trump, along with wife Melania, attended the funeral on Wednesday, which took place at Washington National Cathedral.

The Oak Ridge Boys performed at former President George H.W. Bush's funeral Thursday. There, his casket will be placed on a special train that will travel to the city of College Station, home to his presidential library at Texas A&M University.

Addressing a funeral at Houston's St. Martin's Episcopal Church where the 41st president and his family regularly worshipped, Bush's former secretary of state and confidant for decades, James Baker, addressed him as "jefe", Spanish for "boss". "A president who nurtures only his ego saw people from both parties turn out to honor a president who understood the line between partisanship and pragmatism".

Still, there were reminders of lingering tensions.

"It was quite a moving site to see the presidents and the first ladies in the front row, waiting to honor President Bush, chatting comfortably with one another", he said.

"After Mrs. Bush's death, general companionship was a big part of Sully's job", John Miller, president and CEO of America's VetDogs, said in a phone interview.

He was "the last great-soldier statesman", historian Jon Meacham said in his eulogy, "our shield" in risky times. "This loathing of Trump is a force of nature that is orders of magnitude greater than what they felt about Bush", he explained, adding that many in the media later realized they "badly misjudged" his presidency.

Waiting for his arrival inside, Trump shook hands with Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, who greeted him by saying "Good morning".

Trump will not speak at the service, but the Bush family made a point of inviting him despite a chilly relationship with him over the years. He will be missed!

The Democrat served as United States president for three years between January 20, 1977 and January 20, 1981.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama laughed in response.

Brian Mulroney, Canada's prime minister at the time, couldn't help but notice - and ultimately couldn't resist.

Bush put together a US-led worldwide coalition that ousted invading Iraqi forces from Kuwait in 1991 and was president when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

"We are forever seat mates because of protocol", she said of Mr Bush.

In the crowd sat Jordan's King, Britain's Prince of Wales, Germany's Chancellor and Poland's President, a reflection of a foreign policy hailed as measured and based in core American values.

The funeral was the first time that Hillary Clinton and Trump have been together since his inauguration past year following their bitter presidential campaign. Such traditions have a long history dating back to Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession, which crossed through 180 cities and seven states on its way from Washington, D.C.to Springfield, Illinois.

Earlier, tens of thousands of Americans had quietly filed in to the Capitol to pay their respects to a man who steered the nation through turbulent times including the end of the Cold War - and in a style dramatically different to the combative current president.