Netflix drops release date, trailer for "Black Mirror" movie "Bandersnatch"

Saturday, 29 Dec, 2018

But where Netflix's previous efforts were animated tales aimed at children, Black Mirror takes the new format in a darker, more mind-warping direction. And while the subject matter is dark, the choices can be amusing, or uncomfortable to make, or totally unexpected, signs to me that the episode is successful in attempting this interactive format.

When does Bandersnatch come out? While every season of Black Mirror is full of surprises, the first full-length movie from Charlie Brooker and his creative team is once again breaking the mold.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. The longer you move through Bandersnatch, the more Stefan might realize he's being controlled, and by whom. This hasn't been confirmed, but if that was for this project, it would make it the first live-action film project that let adult audiences choose their own ending.

Netflix is being typically tight-lipped about the plot, but we know a few details. But Black Mirror is so far the only one to require an emulator.

Also, what is a Bandersnatch? We simply can not wait to find out how many existentially terrifying endings this thing has.

Despite the distinct ties in literary culture, there's no way to conclude how Black Mirror will transform the Bandersnatch until its premiere Friday. Later, Whitehead's character says of the fictional author of "Bandersnatch", "Jerome F. Davies is a genius".

English actress Alice Lowe plays Dr. Haynes.

The trailer dropped for the show earlier this week.

Asim Chaudhry appears as a boss or co-worker to Whitehead and Poulter's characters. To execute Bandersnatch, which Brooker wrote himself, they turned to director David Slade, who helmed the Season 4 episode "Metalhead" as well as feature films like 30 Days of Night and Twilight: Eclipse.

The highly anticipated Bandersnatch trailer left Black Mirror fans with unanswered questions and speculations. We'll have to wait and see how many more Carroll references show up in the episode, since Black Mirror loves including Easter eggs.