Instagram Accidentally Rolls Out Non-Scrolling Update, Reverses After Outcry

Sunday, 30 Dec, 2018

Instead, Instagram's been considering having people scroll side to side or tap to go through their Instagram feed.

Shortly after, Instagram retracted this update and said that it was "accidentally" rolled out due to a bug.

Instagram for a short time changed the way users see new posts from scrolling downward to swiping sideways.

On Thursday, Instagram users around the world were faced with the new timeline system, as well as an explainer on what the changes were and how to use them.

More than $1 billion was wiped off Snapchat Inc's value when celebrity Kylie Jenner tweeted a scathing review of the new design, and the app has since struggled to attract more users. The update looked similar to how Instagram stories appear, making users tap to see the next post.

This is definitely not the first time an Instagram update has led to users having a meltdown. "We apologize for any confusion", a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge.

But on Thursday, Instagram expanded the update to the main feed as well, whether intentionally or not.

Mosseri took over Instagram in October, following the departure of founders Kevin System and Mike Krieger.

Social media was instantly flooded with users reacting negatively to the abrupt change. Gone are the days of infinite scroll for Instagram and people were not happy.

Update 12/27/2018 11:17 AM: Instagram head Adam Mosseri said in a tweet that the rollout was a small test that rolled out to more people than intended.

But on Twitter, angry users were tapping out responses conveying their displeasure with yet another update they didn't ask for. Twitter and Instagram were filled with outrage posts and memes in a matter of minutes.

Because, after the initial surprise of such a big aesthetic and technical change, what one may have noticed is how the change forces the user to go slower.