Don't 'end up in hospital' over Bird Box Challenge, Netflix says

Friday, 04 Jan, 2019

With most people home for the holidays and looking for stuff to do with their families, the movie quickly became a go-to and launched a thousand memes.

While Bird Box attracted a lot of A Quiet Place comparisons, the popular post-apocalyptic thriller also sparked a weird viral challenge.

Welcome back to one of the most reliable phenomena on the internet: a news story about a viral challenge that is 1) risky and 2) said to be loved by teens.

It appeared to be a joke or fringe challenge as few people posted what looked like genuine attempts. On the other hand, this time previous year the kids were swallowing Tide pods because of an internet dare so this feels marginally safer. And since Netflix isn't ... ahem, blind to that issue, the streaming service just issued a stern warning via Twitter making it clear that they're not endorsing this particular Bird Box meme.

Netflix has urged "Bird Box" fans not to do #BirdboxChallenge due to safety concerns.

What is Bird Box about? While others have taken it so far as to drive with their eyes covered.

Talking to TMZ, the owner said: 'A handful of visitors have been showing up to take photos at the house every day, including Christmas Day, since the movie was released on December 13.

While some attempts have been risky - including one where a boy appears to fall down the stairs of a subway entrance - many have also been harmless imitation of scenes from the film. That hasn't stopped the challenge from going viral though, thanks to the many fail videos that pop up if you search up #BirdBoxChallenge online.

Well, maybe not quite that many but it was still a significant number of people who sat down over Christmas to watch Sandra Bullock be blindfolded for two hours.

Netflix has begged fans to stop doing the "Bird Box challenge",.

Social media users have been posting various videos of themselves doing mundane tasks while wearing a blindfold. So the lead stars wear blindfolds when they have to be outside. The video also contains a couple moments that would be a bad idea to repeat, like walking blindfolded on an escalator.

If you're one of the extremely few people who haven't seen it though or, God forbid, don't even know what it's about, here's a quick summary.

Netflix rarely releases data on how many subscribers have seen films or TV shows on its site.